Can't use Jump Clone

I’ve created a Jump Clone within my home station, but I can’t find a way to jump to it. Just to make sure you understand:
I trained Infomorph Psychology I; then I went to the station I want to be able to jump to, station B.
Flew my ship to station A, where I want to work from for a while, leaving my Jump clone in station B.
Arrived at Station A. Opened Character menu paused Skill Training. Exited my ship, became a pod.
Opened Character again, selected ‘Jump Clones’ tab. Selected my Jump Clone (which was clearly visible in the menu), pressed button under it labeled ‘Jump’.
Received error message: ‘This station’s Cloning Bay is currently unavailable. Please contact the station owner for assistance’
Station A’s Cloning Bay IS disabled, but that shouldn’t matter, right? I’m not trying to create a Jump Clone at this location, I already have 1 somewhere else.

So I traveled to another, station nearby (we’ll call it A1) whose Clone Bay isn’t disabled, and followed the same steps as above. Except this time, instead of receiving the error message ‘This station’s Cloning Bay…’ I got a pop-up, asking if I’d like to spend the 900,000 isk to create a Jump Clone at my current location. WTF?! I already did that, back at station B, by hitting a button labeled ‘Create Clone’. Why is the ‘Jump’ button behaving the same way?
I’m wondering if this is some sort of bug? Sorry this post ran on so long, I wanted to be specific; I understand the jump clone instruction I’ve found in this forum; they’re just not working

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the answer is simple
when you jc you create a clone in the station where you are and you leave it behind
So if the clone bay is disabled you cannot, and if the clone bay is working, it will cost you some isks

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Also you don’t need to disable your skill queue. Jumping doesn’t destroy your current clone but convert it into a jump clone you can come back later. Hence it costs the usual fee and only works if there is a clone bay if done from a player owned structure.


A bit of reading will help you understand

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Your active clone has to be in a clone bay to perform the jump, thus these messages. You can’t disable your active clone while jumping, only after jumping (and also after paying the fee, of course).
So usually you keep the clone for later, esp. if there’s some nice implants in the clone.

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