Jump Clones Confuse Me

I’ve read through what EVE University has to say about jump clones, but I don’t think I fully grasp how to use them. This is one case where I believe my learning difficulties are getting in the way.

To illustrate what I think I understand, let’s say I’ve got Von Prime “seated” at a home station. At a separate nearby station, I could create a jump clone we’ll call Von Secunde. If I take Von Prime to Jita and get blapped en route, I’ll end up back at my home station courtesy of my medical clone.

If I make it to Jita with Von Prime, purchase implants, and plug them in, and try to suicide home, I’ll lose the implants. If I plug my implants into Von Prime and jump clone into Von Secunde, I don’t lose the implants, but they’ll be stuck in Von Prime in Jita, and their benefits would be on “pause” until I jumped back into Von Prime.

If, however, I take Von Prime to Jita, buy implants, put them in my cargo hold, fly them back home, then jump into Von Secunde, those implants would be available for Von Secunde to install in himself. I could then jump back into Von Prime, and if Prime gets blapped, it doesn’t hurt Von Secunde or his implants.

Of course, while Secunde is hibernating, I don’t get the benefits of his implants, but as long as he’s in storage, he’s safe (provided the station he’s in doesn’t get blapped). Once I’ve installed my implants in Secunde, I could jump back into Von Prime, correct?

It’s my understanding there’s a waiting period between jumps that can be diminished by skills, but do I have the basic principles down?

What you said is correct. A lot of players (myself too) use clones with specialized implants and jump around based on what they want to do.

The Infomorph Sync skill cuts 1 hour per level off the wait time to jump again. There’s also something about jump from player stations instead of NPC stations that lets you do it quicker too but I think the cost is much much more.

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Thanks. Some players had me confused; they spoke as though I could buy implants in Jita, plug them in, then jump back home and still have my implants active, but everything I’ve read told me that wasn’t the case.

I sometimes struggle to learn, so I thought I was just stupid.

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Implants and augments, no. They are specific to the clone you’re in at the moment.

But accelerators yes. That works for any and all clones you’re in. You don’t lose them until they run out.

(Not sure about expert systems, I never use them.)

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Another question:

Say I plug my implants into Von Secunde. Could I move him into a station without a clone bay, then jump back into Von Prime, and then jump back into Secunde? Or does Secunde have to be in a station with a clone bay to go back into hibernation? Of course the goal is to not lose Secunde’s implants.

I don’t care if there’s a clone bay in the starting station, I just chose “jump” via personal clone list and wait if Aura says “no”. Didn’t have any problems in NPC stations yet, but I’m not sure about Citas. After that, the original clone is located in this very station until I jump back one better day.
In Nullsec or Wormhole space I prefer jumping into a naked clone in the same Cita (no implants, low or no cost, no delay) and then pod express (suicide in station, no delay either) to Amarr, where my medical clone is located, if I want to go highsec shopping.

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How would you jump into von prime without a clone bay?

If you’re in von secunde, and you dock into a station with no clone bay, there would be no way to change clones. You would be stuck in your von secunde clone.

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You have the base principles down: implants stay with the clone they’re plugged in.

Some other tricks:

  • you have no cooldown if you swap clones within the same upwell structure.
    This allows you to store your valuable clone, do something dangerous, potentially lose a clone, go back to the structure and swap back to your valuable clone whenever you need it without cooldown.
    I use this for my training clones.

  • self-destructing to your medical clone location has no cooldown.
    Let’s say you have a medical clone at location B. You are at location A. You can install a clone at A, self-destruct to location B and immediately jump back to A and possibly self-destruct to point B again, all within a minute.
    I use this to quickly go shopping in high sec for things I can apply directly to my character: skins, injectors, skillbooks. One jump to high sec, install new clone, buy stuff, self-destruct back home to null. No need to travel! :smiley:

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its always good to have one in Jita or most visited places

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You don’t need to be in a station with a clone bay to jump out of a clone. I have clones at a station right now that don’t have clone bays.

You do need a clone bay to create a new clone however.


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