Question about jump clones

I want to setup a clone in Amarr and Jita. I had a clone already close to Amarr. I tried to jump to it, i got there, then i went back to Amarr to pickup a shuttle. I noticed i had 2 clones there, plus the one i would be “wearing”.

So how does this work? Setting a clone in Jita. Or jumping to a clone without making a new one?

You have to dock in Jita, leave the ship, and jump into a clone elsewhere. This way you create a clone in Jita which can be jumped into. You cannot install a “clone bank” though, so as soon as you jump into a clone, it is in use and no longer in your clone list, and the other clone you jumped from is in this list instead.

The only clone bank is for medical clones which will be activated when you are podded or self destroy - which can be a very fast way of travelling, btw.

See a jump clone as a second body which your consciousness jumps into. So if you are in Jita, and have a clone in Amarr which you jump to, the body you left in Jita is now “empty” and can be jumped into, while the body in Amarr is occupied and you’re moving around in it.

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