Clone Skill Expansion "Station Clone"

I propose a station clone which allows you to have a low grade clone which you can jump to stations with, not a full infomorph clone which allows you to take control of ships and such.

a generic basic, disposable clone where you can jump to a station, buy some stuff off the market or do some other misc station / structure related things then death clone back without it taking up a full jump clone. (you cannot undock in a station clone)

EVE used to have a very wide array of clone types available, maybe time for a return?
it would also be nice to see people be able to grow this clone blanks and sell them on the market. it would be great to see people transporting clone ships around.

would also nice to see contaminated clones and clone death in stations clogging up the systems too

We have access to 16 jump clones currently. That is not enough?

And what used to be versions of medical clones.

Certain ships can have clone bays, so we have clone ships.

So, the question is, what problem were you trying to really solve?

This is patently false. There were 2 clones, skill clones and jump clones. The skill clone category had varying levels of skill points saved, but calling them different types of clones is misleading. We also never stopped having two kinds of clones. We still have the medical/death clone and our over dozen available jump clones.

Why dafuq would they keep contaminated clones around for? Just seems ridiculous to not flush the contaminate biomass and start anew. As for clone death, what part of “immediate transfer of consciousness, even at the moment of death” is difficult for you to wrap your brain around that you’d even suggest this? Again, flush the biomass and make a new clone. These are inert bodies in a vat waiting for you to die to be activated. :roll_eyes:

That’s what alts are for. Park them in market hubs. Problem solved.

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Don’t even need skills trained on them, though some trade skills will save you some broker fees. What is it, like 12 days to effective trade skills, less if you just want a trade alt that works? :thinking:

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