More Jump clones

With the number of new implants sets and variations available now in eve it would be nice to see an a slight increase to the number of clones we can have.

Ten, when used with a few different staging systems, and then a few for clone sets doesn’t feel like enough these days. With the jump clone timer, and the fact you can travel and put a clone anywhere within an hour if you really want, shouldn’t make a small increase in clones a overpowering or break any gameplay. Just a Infomorph Psychology spec skill to give 1 more per level would be great.

plz allow alpha to use jump clone cuz it shouldn’t break any gameplay and it would be less stressful.

That’s already available… its called pay for omega and support the game.

oh okay

but its surely a financial burden for a high school student to pay 15 USD a month, consider I can’t legally work yet.

edit: that is more than 3 hours of minimum wage in where I live.

I too, would love to have more Jump Clones…
Seeing that we now have the ability to have more clones in one Station, what I think would be a good idea would be… splitting this off towards location.

You can have as many clones on a certain station, but you can only have jump clones on X stations.
Lets say… I have in my staging my cheap-ish pods for my fleet ships… > 4 at a time… and have all over eave jump clones… >> you can have jump clones in 10 Locations, and in either location maybe your clones…

So we would get more overall clones, but not infinite clone jump locations. (Go to Jita, and place clone from there in all stations till home)…
Or… a flat amount increase… like have 20 clones total as “technologies evolved”…
But with the amount of implants we have access to… I too think it is high time of having more total amount of clones!

Spend your spare time studying and you will get a better paying job then won’t you?

I will work in sweat shops and eat cats

I’m serious dude, games can wait. If you’re in school stick to studying.

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