More clones due to more content options

Before there was abyssal space, rorq mineing, invasions, incursions, ect ect ect… we had the same number of clones to work with.

It harms the fun when i decide just to just stay docked and or log off because of a clone timer. I want to make a sacrilege abyssal runner… but no more clone slots.

There is a difference between frustrating and stressful. I do not find limits on clones to be a worthwhile challenge. It also doesnt make sense in the games universe that you can fit infitnate number of ships, but only 1 of your 10 clones.

This can open up for exciting loot and increase the practicality of pod killing by improving clone management and number of available clones.


pod skins could also be sold easier when people care more about pods… just all in all please stop falling for the excuses cheap punks are making and increase the limits please

Have you considered simply deciding differently?


You have to explain how or why it would do that, otherwise the statement is shallow and void of substance.


This topic was brought up five days ago:

What is driving this weird behaviour?

Not enough podkilling, obviously.

Rule of thumb on the forums, if anyone uses the word “interesting” or any variation thereof (such as “exciting”, in this specific post) in its proposal, it’s a shitty idea.

This rule remains true.


I think it would be really interesting if we all gave Scoots a billion ISK each.


Have you considered clone swapping via a clone bay at an upwell structure?

Haha, oh, nice try CCP, we’re not falling for that trick again.


Rule #2 when you reply there’s a statistical chance it will be a shitty reply.

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How do you do that? Does that allow you “store” your clone with all the fancy modules without a timer?


This can go on forever. It’s pretty dumb.


HELL YEAH!!! We need more Clowns!..oh.oh…Clones…

You can change clones in the same Upwell structure as often as you want without a cooldown timer.

Edit: the structure must have a clone bay and the structure is destructible - so it is not risk free.

and here for a sec I thought this is thread about 3 character slots being insufficient.

Too bad it’s totally not it xD

I am doing my bit, other folk need to start popping pods too

  1. clone in Jita.
  2. armor super imps
  3. shield super imps
  4. mining fleet boost
  5. reprocessing imps
  6. +5 imps
  7. +3 throw away krabing imps
  8. war staging clone
  9. abyss clone…
  10. empty pvp clone

still need more slots…

CCP wants you to use 10 separate Omega accounts for all that.

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