More Jumpclones Please

I would like to suggest to add a 3rd Jump Clone skill that adds 5 additional jumpclones i’m sure this has already been requested at some point but it is becoming more and more of a problem over time and with more sets constantly being added 10 clones (11 if willing to not have a empty clone) is simply not enough.
So adding a 3rd skill at 2048000sp would be in line in sp ramp up with other skills, please :slight_smile:


also triglavian mindlink that gives info / skirm bonus when? could be put in DED LP store

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We have like what, 20 different implant sets now? Plus various tiers? Plus having training clones, or throwaway clones?

They either have to add more jump clones, or find a different way to allow us to use more than just a few of the available implant sets.


The latter. Too many jump clones at different locations provides too much of a strategic advantage in terms of different places you can jump, even with the cooldown timer being as lengthy as it is.

Conceptual example idea (not necessarily the best) that gives you more “swaps” without more locations: multiple clones at any one given location, but the number of locations is still bounded by the existing skills (ie. 11 I believe).


30 Day Unlimited Jumpclone Certificate, now available in the New Eden Store.

I always wondered why the cooldown is not proportional to distance, when it’s so logical that it would be. But yes, I’d be fine with simple swaps too.

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The logic is in the psychological impact of your consciousness constantly transferring from body to body. This takes a physiological toll that, realistically speaking, would only be recovered from with ample rest before initiating again - proximity to the body would have no relevance in how mentally exhausting it must be to perform such a procedure. It would be both unrealistic and highly exploitable if the cooldown was based on time.

yea i dont know :slight_smile: i just want more pods make it that you can store 2 in a keepstar? i dont know.
overall i feel like jumpclones in citadels need a revamp but that would prolly take too much dev time: make jumpclones cost space in citadels at the moment 5000 different players could run into a astrahus and all put 1 clone into its clone bay but 5 players can only put 1 each in… this makes not all that much sense so i would propose that in a total rework which would like i said prolly take too much time to put a overall cap on jumpclones in citadels then have a setting where the owner can put the maximum for how many clones per player are allowed.
I am aware that with this idea there would be alot of new things to track…
also to fix the clone problem without having to add jumpclones would be possible by just this, letting people have a jumpclone and in addition a cloning bay for storage of more clones lets say a max of 5(im aware that that is very high) but this could be balanced depending on what the maximum for a citadel is when a player wants to jump to a clone display the citadel as sort of a folder and the clones in it then individually letting the player choose which jumclone to use
*sorry for typo’s awake for a bit too long and dont have the nerve to check this text at the moment


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Yes, more jump clones, as the Implant options are increasing and I’m able to afford them.
A way to unplug / swap Implants, with a cool down / cost metric / a chance of implant destruction .

Or all of it.

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