More clones due to more content options

I understand that some peoples’ brains force them to minmax everything, but this is ridiculous.

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and what is your point? no clones at all?

No, actually, but thanks for sharing what your brain came up with in that half millisecond you’ve spent not-actually-thinking about it.

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at least my brain is thinking…your text is only letters of nonsense…

You did not think at all. It was literally the first thing that popped into your head, which is evidenced by the ridiculousness of it. No thinking involved at all, just whatever popped into your head in an attempt to counter what I’ve said about the ridiculousness of this minmaxing.

Also known as:

I’m not evil, you’re just a simpleton.

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what is your point null brain entity?

It’s not ridiculous. Other games don’t destroy critical equipment when you take it off your character. There are two dozen implant sets of varying strength levels, plus training implants, plus cases in which you don’t want implants at all, and “well, if you want to use the Crystal set, then you should unplug the Amulet set, YOU MADE THE CHOICE NOW DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES!” is not the proper solution to the decade-old game design limitation imposed upon us.

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I still think the solution is to have an even more expensive subscription option - Alpha, Omega, and Gamma. The Gammas can have premium content for more money each month - and more jumpclones - and 3x training time. Better freebies, too. You all know this is coming.

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I’m not saying that doing this per se is ridiculous, just that doing it excessively definitely is. To understand that, look at where it ends. It ends with this behaviour turning into the status quo eventually. Everyone will feel to be forced having a specific clone for a specific task equipped with the implants for that specific task, because they will believe otherwise they’re not competitive enough.

This “problem” wouldn’t come up if the OP used more characters, which is what most other people are doing. People have alts for this and that. Exploration alts with exploration related implants, combat alts with combat oriented implants, etc. etc. OP basically wants this, but on a single char only.

People are saying that he can do what he wants to do anyway, using structures, but it’s not clear if that’s even good enough for the OP, or maybe I missed that somewhere.

Look at this. This is what’s going on inside of his mind. The problem clearly is him, not the game. He’s trying to use a single char for what other people are using several. Of course that’s frustrating and stressful in the end. He’s intentionally making it harder for himself to do what others can do just fine simply using several chars. The game apparently isn’t meant to be played that way, but of course he can choose to do so if he wishes to.

The whole problem solely exists in his head. Everyone else found a “solution” to his problem without ever recognizing there actually is a problem. They just use alts to do what he wants to do with a single char. Dare I say CCP preferrs him using several chars instead.

On a sidenote I’d like to add that the OP posted exactly twice in this thread, at the very beginning, without ever reacting to anyone.

I’m not a nullseccer. Are you from the US?

Once again, there are two dozen implant sets in the game (plus many combinations of hardwirings). Your solution of using alts to address this seems pretty crazy to me. Do I now need to have one character for armor tanks, one character for shield tanks, and one character for speed tanks? I can’t even wrap my mind around that.

We’ve had this problem before, and CCP addressed it by creating a second tier of jump clone skill. Further power creep has happened since then, so now we need another jump clone skill. That, or the entire implant system needs to be reworked. Upwell structures aren’t a fix because they don’t increase the amount of implant sets you can own.

Massive costs and the relative ease of losing your investment are already balancing factors for implants. We don’t need to limit implants further by limiting players to a few permanent choices.

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You do know you can use for instance the empty clone for different things😉

Careful now, “All content posted to the EVE Online forums must be teen rated.”

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