QOL: Clone Sale idea


Anybody else have clones that, for all intents and purposes, are essentially useless? Like that random +4 clone tucked away in a random Highsec station that you can’t even access anymore.

Well, if you’ve decided to pursue the Outlaw life. :skull_and_crossbones: :dizzy_face: :skull_and_crossbones:, like me!

What about the ability to sell clones?

I could put up a contract for that useless +4 clone and sell it to someone who would actually benefit from it! While making some isk that would otherwise be lost if I just discarded it. :roll_eyes:

Maybe this could be incorporated in such a way to allow movement of un-used clones to an actual trade hub before-hand.

We don’t have to worry about clone states anymore which I assume was a major reason why this wasn’t incorporated at the outset.

What do you think?

But it’d look like you!



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Sloppy seconds takes on a whole new meaning!


I may have mis-stated this. Way back in the day you needed to “update” clones based on “SP” amounts or you would lose SP upon podding. That’s all gone now, but that’s what I was referring to above.

You’re talking about selling implants after you use them. That’s not possible since implants are destroyed on removal. You can’t use someone else’s clone or you would literally become them and not be you anymore.

Technically this is a true statement, however, the idea is to permit selling a clone you aren’t using. Hence, no need to remove the implants.

Lol yeah, there would have to be an allowance that a swapped clone would conform to the ‘new owners’ body design… otherwise things would just get confusing :wink:

What if a character resculpt token was required to use these purchased clones. It’s a granularization of character bazaar that profits CCP.

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Lol, I wasn’t trying to propose the next greatest idea from a Micro-transaction perspective… merely a handy quality of life improvement to make use of existing assets in a new way.

Suuuuure… theres always an opportunity to monetize it!

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That’s not how clones work.

That still doesn’t make sense.

Jump clones and clone grades are completely un related.

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