Returning Char learning skills gone & missing SP

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this has been addressed many times over the last few years however I require some help please.

I have just returned to the games after a seriously long absence to find several of my characters somewhat light on SP. Now I am aware that the learning tree has been deleted but it would seem I never got the points refunded. I had nearly if not max learning if I remember correctly.

Also ships I was previously able to fly now require some additional skills WTH happened.

Any advice on whom to speak with re missing skills and did this happen to others?

Thanks in advance.

Skill requirements for certain ships changed.
Command ships are one example but not the only example.
As part of the change to allow you to inject any skill you now also need all the pre-reqs to train a skill etc.

Is you character Alpha or Omega state? If you are an Alpha, many existing skills are only available to Omegas, so those should be unlocked if you subscribe but will remain inaccessible until you do so.

This is a recent development, with Alphas being the free to play version of your clone and Omega being what you had when you are (were) a paid or PLEXed subscriber.

Edit: And yes, over time some skills have changed, been added, or modified.

Hi Jenne,
Thanks for the reply. My Char was made Omega 2 days ago. I noticed during alpha but I thought there might have been a glitch with un-allocated sp but nothing. So many learning SP gone should I raise a petition or has it been too long now? I’m not sure what to do for the best that was a lot of training and SP to just lose.


Cool- there might indeed be a glitch, particularly if your character had a lot of skill that might have changed (been eliminated, etc.).

Take a quick check to see if there are unallocated SP for your character- that should show up in the character window (the bottom of the skill pane, I believe).

But if they have vaporized, definitely file a help ticket. I sure they will help you out :).

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Petition raised. Hope they can help. I don’t have any screen grabs of my Chars before I left the game but none of my 3 chars have had the points given back from the learning or social skills :pensive:

Learning skills, as well as T3C skills, will be in your SP pool at the bottom of your character sheet. You should notice several million SP there you can freely allocate to your character in any skill area you wish to just like you would with skill injectors.

You havent lost those skills. Theyve just been moved to the allocation system for you to reuse.

If a number doesnt show up here then yes petition. They were supposed to give all those skills back to us.

Thanks for the reply. As I said though the points are not there.

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