Returning player - what has changed in regards to training?

Ok so I have not played in years(2015 briefly) before that played a lot till 2013, and my main character was given away. Had 100 some million sp.

I have read up on general game play changes (off grid boosts, mining, pos etc) but what I am unsure of is if there has been any major changes to training.

I am going to start over from scratch but will probably spend money on plex for implants etc. Has anything changed regarding training especially for new characters? Thinking training boost or something similar?

Also how long would it take to get about 30 million sp with near optimal training?

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Well…there are skill injectors now…if one wants to spend a bunch of isk you can inject skill points immediately…

Feels like telling someone about how to use heroin…ugh…


Hello and welcome back to Eve.

Probably the most significant change to skill training is that Alpha Clones train at half speed and only get a 24 hr Skill Queue with 5 mill SP’s free training with another 15 mill SP’s available through the use of daily Alpha Clone Skill Injectors for a max total of 20 mill SP’s. Meanwhile Omega Clones train at regular speed with an Unlimited Skill Queue.

If you pay your sub like you always have, then nothings changed except that theres no skill queue time limit.
If youre on the free version, you have the old 24 hour skill queue limit, your limited to certain skills, and they train slower.
One universal thing is skill injectors/extractors…yeah…
Correct me if im wrong, but on an omega account I think you get like half a mil SP per month.

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Things not already covered:

  • CCP now holds seasonal events where the main rewards are skill boosters. These are equivalent to a set of +10 or +12 implants and last up to 48 hours if you train the Biology skill to level 5. A new booster added in the last event lasts 72 hours (144 with Biology 5). The boosters are time limited so prices are extreme at the beginning of an event and drop rapidly as the market becomes saturated. It’s a much less expensive way to accelerate training than using injectors. The next event will be the Hunt over Easter. Dates haven’t yet been announced.

  • An omega clone with +5 implants and balanced remap will train roughly 20 million SP/year (2250/hour). An optimal remap will increase this to about 23 million (2700/hour). +10 Boosters will add 900 SP/hour. If you want instant gratification, 30 million SP = 68 injectors which currently cost 850 million ISK each. 7 of the large PLEX packs at $100 each should do it!

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A lot has changed and IMHO mostly for the better, though there are some “double edged swords” sorta speak which have both positives and negatives of course. I will bring up some major changes to help you out a bit, especially since like you I took a 2-3 year break and came back into the game before Christmas 2016. I will focus on Omega stuff, meaning sub based accounts either via direct sub or plex.

So 1st thing, which you probably know but I will point to as a reminder, is that after taking a couple years break you most likely have a stat remap or 2 available. So choose your path carefully, concentrate on 2 primary stats, 1 secondary, bring down all else. Which stats do you need for what ? that is easy, while in game, just make a max size trainign que. Arrange the skills not in most optimal for function order, but those that are most important to you in the longrun 1st, those you consider of lesser importance down the line.

Right click on the skills, from the top, hit “show info” and check which attributes they use. Then go down the line and see how many and which skills you need different attributes for. Remap your attributes to the ones used most often as primary, then secondary.

Next you have skill extractors and injectors. If you’re like me, you most likely have a couple characters, some or most of which you will not use, or not use to the extent you did before. Use extractors on them and pump the skills into your other characters. However, beware of diminishing returns on skill injectors. They give less and less SP back when injecting into a character with more SP. At around 60 mil+ SP it becomes almost not worth injecting. Up to 40 mil SP its pretty good. Most optimal is to inject skill points via “consume all” on a stack of injectors when your character is still under 10 mil SP and keep a lot of those skillpoints unused just sitting there for when you need them.

You can also sell off your old assets and just buy more injectors, which is what I did.

Also, there are events now on fairly regular basis, usually with new content updates, which are huge booster farms. The farming events usually last around 2 weeks but the boosters don’t expire until another few weeks after the events finish. So you can farm enough boosters to have +10 or +12 to stats (depending on events and rewards) for a total of about half the game time (if not more).

The boosters accelerate your training time greatly. I farm a ton of them, during the 1st week or 2 of every event usually get enough for both my training characters all the way until expiration date and then throw the rest on market in Jita and make a few bil of it as well.

Last but not least, another reminder, don’t forget about implants. Specifically those with no combat or skill bonusses, but just flat +5s to attributes. The regular plain +5s that you get of off most LP stores.

Then there is the alpha stuff. Alphas train up to 5.5 mil SP but at half speed and have a really small que. They can however use “daily injectors”. However there are still many restrictions on which skills can be used by alphas and to what degree. If you make an aplha, you may want to remap, but your implants are only up to +3s because of the limitations and you can’t use most of the stat boosters as those are omega only items.

So hope that clears things up a bit.

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Thanks for all the info much appreciated. Waiting on my new rig hopefully be ready in a weeks time.

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