Is there a way to speed up skill learning process without omega ofc? Just curious

Is there a way to speed up skill learning process without using those omega? Like if I could speed up the process

Skill training depends on your attributes. Each skill has a pair of attributes which applies to it.

So it’s possible to use a remap to rebalance your attributes to be more efficient for training those skills. However, bear in mind your remaps are very limited. For a beginner, I do not recommend using them.

Other options are implants which affect your attributes, Cerebral Accelerators, and alpha skill injectors.

You can use regular skill injectors as well. Though after your soft cap of 5 mil sp, you get less sp from regular injectors.

10 alpha injectors =500k sp
1 large skill injector = 500k sp (after 5 mil cap its 400k)

While alpha injectors are used once a day, you can buy 10 alpha injectors for 200-300 mil less than one large injector

After the 5 mil cap, you have to use injectors to reach the 20 mil hard cap

You mean without leaving the trial account?
Yes, but it’s always much harder and still much slower than Omega.

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There is also the daily login and skilling spree. But that will take a very long time to get to 20 mil from 5 mil.

True, but the injectors were put in before the free sp etc. Thats why i mentioned those primarily.

Even as an omega it can take a while to get to 20 mil. Did it before when there was just the two week trial

You can also just straight up buy a character for a few billion isk. Which works out much cheaper than injecting.

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