Speeding up skills training?

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I am very new to EVE. IRL, my exams are coming up and with the new update released with plenty of new skills to train for alphas (Yay!!!), I was thinking I could buy some … eh … boosty thingies … and implanty thingies … so my skills can train faster since I will not be playing.

However, I have never used any of those nor do I really know if they even exist and what they do. Could anyone give me a short summary of what is what and what should I buy (and if its even worth it) ? Or maybe at least post a few links? My char is an alpha on a limited budget (300 mil).

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I wouldn’t bother with Implants at this stage of the game, the difference in training time is marginal unless you want to spend more than your budget just on learning implants.

Basically SP ticks into your head at a set rate (x per second or whatever) and you can install implants that increase this rate by a %. You have various Attribute points that also effect the trickle rate of SP, and if you look at a Skill’s Show Info window it will list 2 attributes that effect the skill training. So for instance most weaponry skills use Perception and Willpower. This means that to train weaponry skills at the maximum rate I want a high score for Perception and Willpower. Various implants give a certain bonus to these attributes with +1’s being cheapest and +5’s being the most expensive. You can also periodically remap your characters points, though these are finite and quite rare so be careful.

Here’s a quick quote from a Wiki that explains things well :

"Each attribute enhancing implant boosts a particular attribute, with some of the best (and rarest, and therefore most expensive) ones giving additional bonuses.

There are 5 “simple” implants for each slot: Limited (+1), Limited-Beta (+2), Basic (+3), Standard (+4), and Improved (+5).

Each slot enhances a different attribute as follows:

Slot 1 - Alpha - Ocular Filter: Perception
Slot 2 - Beta - Memory Augmentation: Memory
Slot 3 - Gamma - Neural Boost: Willpower
Slot 4 - Delta - Cybernetic Subprocessor: Intelligence
Slot 5 - Epsilon - Social Adaptation Chip: Charisma

Note: “Simple” implants (those that only boost attributes) do not use Greek designations."

Hope this helps. It’s probably not worth splurging on pricey implants yet, since you will likely lose them before you gain any decent benefit.

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As an Alpha, you have access to the Daily Alpha Injector.

You can buy it off the market in game or from the New Eden Store for 20 PLEX each. You can use one per day. Each injector gives you 50k skillpoints which is roughly equivalent to one day of Omega training.

As an Alpha, your first 5 million SP are free and it will take you roughly 6 months to achieve that level though you can improve that with implants and attribute mapping.

I would recommend using your ISK to purchase a set of +3 attribute implants and some skillbooks. Create a plan for what you want to train and work the plan until you’re back playing the game. You will need to login frequently because Alphas can only add skills that start within the next 24 hours to their queue (the last skill can be any length - as long as it starts within 24 hours). As you get to level 5 skills they will take a week or more to train at Alpha speed so you won’t need to login and add to your training queue as often.

Don’t worry about injectors until you hit the 5 million SP limit for free training. You will either need to subscribe or purchase injectors to train beyond that. You do not need a subscription to use skills in the Alpha set once trained.

Implants on an Alpha won’t really help - you’d be better off using the ISK to buy injectors. If you stick around long enough and go Omega they can make a serious dent in higher level long term skills (i.e. 87 days to train the skill instead of 112).

TBH cheap training implants arent that expensive so i would definitely buy them if you plan on playing longer. Remapping skills also helps a lot, per/int balanced remap or something.

A set of +3 attribute implants will cost less than 1 Alpha daily injector and will earn roughly the equivalent of 2 daily injectors per month.

The speed of skill training depends on your attributes (Int, Per, Wil, Mem, Cha); each skill has 2 of these listed, and the formula is:

skill points per 2 minutes = Primary Attribute + 1/2 Secondary Attribute, as listed in the skill that’s currently training.

So, to speed that up, you can:

  1. Go Omega, which will immediately double that rate to “skill points per minute” instead of per 2 minutes.

  2. Spend 10 mil apiece to get some +3 implants, as listed above, which will boost your attributes from 17 to 20 or so, for a 15% speed-up.

  3. If you know you’re going to spend a LONG time (months) training support skills (Engineering, Electronics, Shields, Armor, Rigging, Industry, Refining etc.) then use one of your remaps to redistribute the points in your attributes to max out Intelligence and Memory, for another 20% speed-up of those skills, at the expense of slowing down (20%) Ship and Weapon skills (Spaceship Command, Missiles, Drones, Gunnery). Once done with Int/Mem, switch to Per/Wil and train up Ship and Weapon skills. Usually people don’t do this for the first year, because there are so many skills to train at random, but after the first year you’re left with the long skills that permit the attribute remap because they take a while to finish.

In addition to speeding up the skill points, you can also spend a huge amount of ISK or RL money to get skill injectors, which will INSTANTLY train as many skills as you have money for (within the Alpha limitations, Omegas don’t have limits). It’s really a way to throw hundreds or thousands of dollars at the game for instant gratification, instead of the cheaper option of paying a yearly Omega fee of $100 and letting the skills train themselves over time.

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