Skill injectors and attributes

Should the daily alphy skill injector number of skill points be boosted based on the implants that enhances attributes? Or it doesent matter. It might not be worth the hassle to implement but its an interesting thought since attribute implants kind of becomes irrelevant for alpha accounts after a few months afaik.

Implants dont work with injectors, whether its the alpha or LSI.

Implants affect actual skill training.

Afaik players couldnt inject skill points when the attribute implants was first created i am just raising the question of wether they should also impact skill injectors? Seems relevant for Alpha clones in particular because they cannot train skills after a few months

No, we do not need skill injectors to be boosted via implants.

You use injectors EARLY in the game (10-50mil SP) to get the best benefit then you switch to training drugs and a +5 set to slow train skills.

By 50mil SP usually a person has all the required skills to fly a specific ship really good and then some in other branches of EVE.

There was a time in EVE when CCP actually gave us a drug. (2018?) This drug allowed for like 3? FREE INJECTONS (aka no diminishing effects when injector is applied)

This caused people to literally inject into SUPERCARRIERS for like 50$ or something. It was insane and made a lot of rich people very happy. I wish I had the ISK at the time to partake in it myself.

CCP probably will never do that again.

nope this is not needed…

now attributes however…
give players a reason to remap, and CCP the ability to sell extra remaps in the NES

I dont know…
Higher Perception gives you better tracking or optimal range or something
Higher Willpower negates negative effects of drugs or adds to ewar resistance
Higher Intelligence gives bonus to hacking or invention t2 / t3 prints
Higher Memory gives bonus to research and/or manufacturing jobs
Higher Charisma gives bonus to Security/Corp/Faction standings increase.

just spitballing here…

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