Expanding Attributes

I love that we have implants and neural remaps to enhance our skill learning. What I would love to see changed is allowing us to decrease attributes below 17 ideally all the way down to 0. I’m aware that 0 would mean no training happens and a concern could be that new players may accidently do it and be driven away from the game. What we could do to combat this is give it a skill, each level increasing how far down you can drop an attribute. This allows veteran players who know they have no interest in say Charisma skills to get rid of but stop new players from messing up. Personally, I’d say level 5 skill would allow you to 0 out a skill but could make the minimum say like 8. This could even open up a way for CCP to make money selling neural remaps on NES if someone wants to do it more than once a year. Let me know your thoughts!

It would be easier to just make the baseline 0 instead of 17 by subtracting 17 from all stats

Also obligatory i gotta mention a great idea from Little Things thread, not mine, cant find it. Fitting Screen when in a pod should show all implant slots and their contents and allow plugging in by dropping implants onto the fitting screen

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First of all, attributes are dumb and CCP should be removing them, not wasting more dev time on them.

Second of all, do you think that massively increasing the output of SP farms is a good idea?

Two fanfests ago, CCP said they were going to decouple training time from attributes. And supposedly all training sp will go into the unallocated pool if you don’t have a skill in the training que (not sure what will happen if you do have a skills in the que.)

That said, if they go through with that, I would like to see them use attributes in other ways. Probably in some utility, not directly related to combat, role. The attributes add a lot of flavor to the game, and I’d like CCP to keep them around in some format.

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