Can we get rid of attributes and relevant implants? Instead add more interesting implants & hardwiring

I remember when Eve Online had “Learning skills” that make you learn faster.
I once subbed and quit playing it while learning that “learning skill”.
Thank got those skills are gone.
But why do we still have these attributes & re-map?
These are very tedious, unnecessarily complicated gimmicks in the system that existed for too long.
Each skill has primary and secondary attributes that affect the skill learning speed. This isn’t some RPG game where you level up your character and invest skill points, etc.
Even RPG games don’t have this level of tedious leveling system.
What’s even worse is that those RPG games have attributes for their core game mechanics. STR for attack power, CON for health, AGI for evade, crit chance and etc.
EVE Online doesn’t have that. Having a higher perception doesn’t make my ship does a more wrecking shot, and having higher willpower doesn’t prevent me from getting ECM jammed. Charisma does nothing to NPC’s standing.
As you can see, CCP made an attribute/remap system for the sole purpose of making the skill plan more tedious and complicated. It does not really affect the core gameplay in any way.
My proposal is that just make the base skill learning speed all the same. Omega’s learning speed is double the Alpha’s. DELETE the attribute system. Make it simple and straightforward.
Attributes are causing unnecessary complications for the new players.
Using 3rd party programs such as Evemon to come up with the best possible skill plan with min/max skill learning speed isn’t something new players understand.
Let’s just make players focus on what skills they want to train first and learn to fly and blow up their ships. Not optimizing skill plans and buying learning implants.
I am usually against dumbing down the gameplay but this is a good change. It shouldn’t even be there, to begin with.
Instead, why don’t we add more gameplay-related implants & hardwiring?
Just like how drugs/boosters add dynamics to the game, various implants could change things up in very interesting ways.
Just get rid of the legacy attribute/remap system, please. We live in the skill injector/extractor era. Attributes? Really?


Holy wall of text batman!


I totally agree.

I didn’t even know that until a few weeks ago :flushed: If I hadn’t read the forum I still wouldn’t know.

I have 2 “remaps” available but I’m afraid to touch anything in that window before I know how/if it will help anything. With my luck I’m liable to mess up my entire skill plan and lord knows what else.
I love how there’s no instructions in that window also… back to Google, how immersive!

I’m always willing to learn but while I do that I can’t be risking to lose expensive ships for lack of knowledge. That would be ridiculous.

The attributes for M&B Bannerlord are numerous as well but contrary to EVE they are learned as the game is played. I get points toward learning as I swing that sword berserk. In EVE, I can shoot 50k rounds and I would’ve learned nothing :crazy_face:

The Standing system looks broken to me. The standing in the Info Panel doesn’t match the info in the Character window and that doesn’t match the standing info in the corporation info panel.
But I haven’t checked what difference the implants make since they’re SO expensive that I don’t see using/losing them until I can replace them easily which suggests billions of isk in my account that I won’t have for an undermined amount of time.

Maybe they don’t want to make it straightforward for reasons unknown.

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We’ve been pushing CCP for a while now to tear out the attributes system, allow for a straight per second skill point generation, with the rate being modified by implants and boosters.

It’s on their list of things to do, and they’ve acknowledged they want to do it as well, but it’s not an immediate priority.


Thanks for the reply. Good to know that at least it’s on their to-do list.

Remaps are only done on skill farm alts, i.e. purpose dedicated alts that won’t ever be used for anything other then their intended purpose, and therefore don’t “need” to skill into anything once they’re able to be used for that purpose.

Poor nullers need to be able to have afk income, unlike the empire and wormhole spacers they can’t just put their ishtars on orbit in a level 5 site and go to sleep or put their whales on some moon rock and go to sleep because nullsec is so intensive.

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How about removing all damage types are resists too!! Remove all skill, thought and choices, maybe then subs will increase. /s


There are systems and choices that make the game more interesting and complex and there are systems and choices that just make it more tedious. Who has ever had fun planning out their skill queue for optimal attribute respecs?

I’d say removing or at least simplifying attributes (like removing respeccing but keeping stuff like implants) might be good riddance, just as nobody misses learning skills or updating clones. The easier it is to focus on the actually interesting stuff (like which ship to train into next), the better.


Bovine excrement. When my wife started playing I helped construct a skill plan using the remaps she got on a new character to help her get skills faster. If done properly, you gain about 4 to 7 skill points per minute faster. I’m not going to explain the math unless you doubt me… then I’ll waste my time. But if you consider its just 4 points per minute more, that’s another 2,102,400 skill points per year. If its at the higher end of that, its 3,679,200 skill points per year. So somewhere between 48 to 85 days per year of training if you did not remap your attributes. In other terms, its a 13 to 23% increase.

That’s a huge boon to a new player trying to get through the Magic 14 as well as get some diversity of skills to try new ships. And for older players who are looking to finish off some skills to 5 with those month long trains, its also a boon.

Now, I will recommend that no one uses remaps unless you know what you’re doing… because you can set yourself behind if you use it incorrectly.

I’ll even admit I like the attribute system because it does two things that Eve somewhat has a reputation for. Rewarding people for learning about how something works in the game and it rewards those who plan long term.

That said: I actually agree with getting rid of them. Its a system that exists because of the TTRPG roots of MMOs… and just because something has been around doesn’t mean it needs to stay. And I also feel like its a system that is more dangerous to the community more than a boon. New players already have enough to learn… and if they try to use the system to get that boost like my wife got, but don’t know what they are doing… it will frustrate them and they will quit.

So as much as I like the system, I do support it going away… once I’m done with my current remap. :smiley:


while on the subject of implants, i have spoken to GM Rex and CSM Jinx and highlighted a skill that i feel dose not currently behave like other skills. i am talking about Biology and Cerebral Accelerators.

example, * [Long Range Targeting]: 5% bonus to targeting range per skill level. will apply to your pod while you are flying in space meaning that once you sucesfuly train the skill while running missions or mining etc, you will instantly gain an extra 5% to your targeting range. this is the same for every other skill in new eden with the exception of one ( Biology ): the science of life and of living organisms, and how chemicals affect them. 20% bonus to attribute booster duration per skill level.

if a pilot injects a Cerebral Accelerator then trains the biology skill it has no effect on the booster. it only takes effect once the pilot injects a new booster. this is at odds with every other skill that instantly increase and augment your performance. no where in the skills info page nor in the boosters info page dose it say that the skill will not apply until the pilot injects a new cerebral accelerator causing the pilot to effectivly burn a booster.

i have permission from GM Rex to post my emails and highlight this issue as i was stung by it my self while extracting and injecting skills into an old unused toon.

i would love to see this skill fixed so that it behaves like other skills and instantly gives pilots an extra 20% to their booster while in space without the need to burn them.

see attached emails from GM Rex

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I’m not really convinced that skill plans are a necessity, I never used one. Just kept following with ship masteries when i wasnt working on something specific.

Y’know its the same with stat implants. I did know from rookie help that they effected skill training but to me it looked like the ones you could afford or the ones you could maybe afford + a set bonus that was not at all subtle or hidden, and lo was it so

Applying said skills to ship mods should behave differently than something that is implanted in you ie booster

I say its fine as it is

Damage types add depth to combat and ship fitting. What depth do attributes add? I don’t think optimizing attributes for skill plans once a year adds anything worthwhile to the game.

Implants do. You can make those have a percentage-based effect on skill training speed, were attributes to be removed, which would also be a lot clearer because ‘+4 attributes’ tells you nothing on the face of it.

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