Learning Skills Being Brought Back?

The old learning skills provide REAL opportunities to Min/Max and customize builds.

They provided a true sense of accomplishment and progress.

They made attributes and remaps MEANINGFUL.

Why DO YOU think learning skills will be broughten back??

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Not going to happen.





Why you think?

Inside info?

I hope not I already spent the skillpoints they refunded.

Worst part of the game for me, since I first played ever, genuine total time sink.

I trained mine like a good boy (I was a boy then not Patti) but I do not resent others not having had to do so.

Do remaps matter nowadays?

That depends, I have 1 char that I’m maxing Armour, shield and engineering - It was 480 odd days but a remap and +4’s saw that drop to 345.

Then, I have other chars where I spread the attributes out fairly evenly so I can train pretty much anything at the same rate (Charisma is the odd one out but I don’t need max leadership on everything)

I suppose if remaps were done away with and all attributes were set at a level where implants gave the bonus to training specific skills???

Cam alt troll thread.


In what manner?

Agreed, when finishing skills it holds some value of accomplishments :cookie:

But I’m pretty sure they’re not going to roll it back :man_facepalming:

It was the huge community effort which backed this, which I’m afraid was this forum :oriolesparrot:

Oh hell no. I’m good without “First you spend a few months learning learning skills, and THEN you get to start training the real skills!” crap, thanks.

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Go pod yourself … thats what I think about learning skills again.

The return of learning skills?



Yes lets go back to the requirement to train 14 days of skills at least before you can do anything else days.:smiling_imp:

only 14 days, try near 6 months lvl 5s if you wanted to get the most out of it

hahaha op u funny

CCP has been trying to figure out a way to get rid of training attributes. What makes you think they would re-introduce learning skills?

i guess it’s useless to point out that this is just a bait thread from a Cam alt.

edit: damn. necro. again. -.-

Smells like Cam, trolls like Cam, even looks like Cam

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