With CCP removing attributes from skill training in the near future they’ll no longer serve a purpose. So, instead of just removing them entirely, what if they provide some secondary effects that aren’t directly related to combat damage.

some possible suggestions:

  • Intelligence: + Scan Resolution
  • Perception: + Target Range
  • Charisma: + Fleet Capacity (or some sort of leadership bonus to crew if they’re ever added.)
  • Willpower: + Sensor Strength (for countering ewar)
  • Memory: + Max Locked Targets

If you have other ideas, please comment below.

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All these effects are incredibly important for combat strength.

With higher scan res, you can lock faster; with higher targeting range, you can lock further and shoot further; higher fleet capacity allows you to have more people in a single fleet, which makes organisation easier; more Sensor Strength makes it harder to get jammed, which is incredibly important for Logis; and more Locked Targets means you can shoot them quicker.

All these attributes would make using attribute implants mandatory for everyone. This would drive cost of PVP up and likelihood of engagements down because people don’t want to lose their implants needlessly. This kind of gateway blocker, mandatory features are something that CCP really does not like and which CCP has actively removed from the game in the past, see Industry Teams, ME reduction skill for Industry, Learning Skills, or has never implemented, like DPS implants.

Some of these proposed aspects are available as Hardwirings, but their bonuses are negligible, and they are usually mutually exclusive because similar Hardwirings go into the same slots.

I didn’t say they weren’t. Only that they weren’t directly related to damage.

DPS implants exist.

So… what you’re saying is… it’s a balance issue? :stuck_out_tongue: Not that the inherent idea is bad.

Also… feel free to propose other ideas. I only threw some out as a conversation starter.

My thought initially was to make each attribute point = 1% (although, that doesn’t really work very well with max targets.) However, I’m sure there are other ways to go about it.

True, my bad. But they are a perfect example of their limited usefulness because they are all in the same slot depending on their size. You have to make tactical decisions which implant you use and can’t get a blanket DPS improvement for all existing weapons.

My idea for the time when they remove attributes is to untangle some overcrowded hardwiring slots. Slot 6, for instance, has a ridiculous number of useful hardwirings. Spreading them out to newly available slots would make them more appealing and useful. You could move all Engineering HWs from Slot 6 into a separate slot 5. That way, you keep the tactical choice between PG/CPU buffs, but allow PG/CPU and armor repair implants at the same time. There’s no need for combat buffs from attribute if existing hardwirings enable these buffs already and require tactical choices, too.

An unsolvable balance issue, in my opinion. These bonuses would make most of the related hardwirings useless and remove necessary tactical choices what you use. Obsoleting lots of items makes this a very contentious proposal.

Well, like I said, the proposed attributes could use entirely different stats… such as the ones you suggested.

The real core of the suggestion is to keep the character attributes and apply them in someway so per, wil, int, mem, char actually do something mechanically. CCP could even remove 20% of the related stat from the ship (since we get an average of 20 attribute points by default.) The reason for this is because of remapping and would further allow players to customize how their ships operate.

I do think though, remaps should be tied to to the clone, rather than the character as a whole. Or just tied to a separate entity all together, so we don’t have a clash between the need to limit force projection (jump clones) and limiting the ease of use for changing attribute stats.

Yeah, that sounds fine. I’m all for meaningful tradeoffs.

Yeah, obviously things would need to be balanced. If a specific bonus wont work… use another. And we don’t need overly redundant bonuses on multiple slots either.

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What will happen with all the attribute implants in our inventories?

That’s precisely why I made this topic. If CCP just gets rid of attributes, they’ll be worthless. but if attributes actually do something in game, people will be incentivized to use them still.

Eve is becoming simpler by the day, idk if I like the idea of getting rid of attributes.
Many changes they are doing, look like they are doing them for people with no patience and short attention span.

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