CCP ,can you give me back my reproccessing SP?

Just asking,
Since the mineral yields have been changed ,all that time I put into reprocessing certain Ores for rarer minerals is about worthless now,.
Thanks for your time.

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Just use skill extractors. Done.


did you use em at least once?

Sure and when you put those skills back into something get dinged for as much as 40%?

I don’t think Megazor is going to get dinged 40%.


The answer is “NO.”

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Skills are only refunded when they no longer work.


True, but software design is about everyone.

True, but saying these skills work is as thin as it gets.

CCP has been changing the rules continuously ever since Eve was released. Lots of skills have substantially diminished value since they were released. Most skills, probably.

I disagree. Plenty more money to be made from refining instead of just selling raw ore.

Well, they ARE used skill points, after all. You don’t think they’d be worth as much as new skill points do you?



That is like asking for your time to be given back to you for all of the loading screens when docking and undocking.

The answer will always be no.

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