Been a while since I logged on, did they delete a skill?

I have like 9 million untrained skill points. I assume they deleted a skill but can’t figure out what. Help me out people, what did I miss?

Depends how long it has been. Learning skills are gone. The Ore Reprocessing skills got revamped. So to retain the ability to use mining crystals, you will need to buy the new skillbooks and put your skill points back into the new skills.

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t’s been a while since we’ve seen Lucas Kell — their last post was 8 months ago.

:rofl: Not long enough for it to be learning skills.

It might be ore reprocessing. I’ll have a look through them. Cheers.

Mining crystals were changed. I seem to recall getting some SP back for that. Or maybe it was just ISK.

It was on a Rorq character I stopped using quite a while ago.

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Yep it was that.

For future reference if anyone searches this up, it’s the consolidation of reprocessing skills here:

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