New account March 2023 - skills vanishing from training skill queue after every logout

For the 4th time I have been adding the same skills to the training queue. I had 32 skills for 56 days estimated time in the queue.

I logout even just for a few hours and when I come back it is all gone again.

I haven’t seen anything like that being reported recently, though it was a couple times in the past, separated by years. I have 2 accounts, the older Omega one not having any issue, and a new alpha one which is suffering from this bug. So skills are only being traned when connected and all removed upon disconnection.

This is quite annoying.

How many sp does the alpha have?

That is a new account that came with a bonus 1.000.000 SP.

Meanwhile I learned that one cannot put skills in queue on 2 separate characters at the same time. But these are 2 separate accounts with a different password.

OK I Upgraded this account to Omega too. I disconnected and logged back and BOOM… all skills in training had vanished. again for a 6th time…

So this is really bug!

F12 in game and select bug report

Clear cache ( its an option in settings ) and relog. I’ve had disappearing kill rights where that has solved the issue.

It seems to be working properly now.

I think the bug was because I was ignoring the beginner’s guide about the skill training, because I already have a character and I was not interested in learning the basics I already knew.

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