Losed skill point after a come back in game

i comes here to talk about a true problem of lost skill point for a corp mate named Juliann Sollo.
He stoped to play in 2014 and he comes back in game there is few month ago now.

When he starting to play, he was not possible to pilote somes ships, use somes modules like before in 2014.
He starting to look skills list and lot of skills was at 4! and skill was up to 5.

Julian Sollo is in fighting with ccp doing bugs report and the anwers of CCP is :" it’s not possible!!!"

So i have talk with julian and ask him to give me a proof.

So julian show me a killboard lose of 2014.04.18. He losed a kestrel fit a light launcher II.
For this skill we need the skill “light missile” at 5. And actually, his skill is at 4.

Second proof, julian pilot a manticore. And for pilote a manticore you need the skill “covert ops” at 1.
For get the skill covert ops at 1 you need:
electronics upgrade at 5
cpu management at 2
powergrid management at 2
spaceship command at III

And actually, julian can flight a manticor with the skill electronique upgrd at 4.

It’s a more of 10 skills at 5 julian sollo losed and ccp don’t want look again and say julian is a liar and that impossible.
we don’t need 1 month of exeperience in this game for undertand what happened.

Julian solo caracters save have been fail when he stoped in 2014, and ccp don’t want to give him back his skills.

“Stopped playing in 2014”

Quitters never win…


je viens vous rapporter un problème sérieux de perte de skill point d’un ami de jeu nommé Juliann Sollo.
Juliann Sollo vous a déjà fait un rapport de bug mais il semble que vous n’ayez pas compris ce qu’il lui arrive.
Hors, Juliann Sollo a des preuves à l’appuis dans sa killboard et les skills qu’il avait déjà monté et ceux qui l’a perdu aujourd’hui.

Premier exemple:
Juliann Sollo a perdu en 2014.04.18, un kestrel ( Victime : Juliann Sollo (Kestrel*) ) équipé de Light Missile Launcher II* dont le prérequis est Light Missiles* à 5… hors, si vous regardez le skill de Light Missiles* dans la liste de son personnage, ce skill se trouve à 4.
Comment Juliann Sollo a-til pu utiliser les Light Missile Launcher II* sans en posèder le skill?

Deuxième exemple:
Juliann Sollo pilote le Manticore* dont les prérequis pour débloquer "Covert ops* à 1, il faut:
CPU Management* à 2
Power Grid Management* à 2
Spaceship Command* à 3
et Electronics Upgrades* à 5

Hors, le skill Electronics Upgrades* actuel de Juliann Sollo est à 4… Comment est ce possible qu’il puisse piloter le manticore aujourd’hui?

C’est plusieurs 12 aines de skills que Juliann Sollo à perdu en passant de 5 à 4, comme si son personnage n’avait pas été sauvegardé en 2014 et que le jeu lui a redonné son personnage avec une sauvegarde de jeu bien antérieur à celle qu’il avait!!!

Il est normal que le compte de Juliann Sollo soit profondément étudié afin de réparer de cette erreure qui commence a lui peser moralement.

Merci de votre compréhension en espérant une réponse et une solution rapide à un problème MAJEUR.

Did you subscribe, or are you still in Alpha mode?

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He likely came back in Alpha state and is now “surprised” to see the skill nerf thats not a nerf.

Please read up on the Alpha Clone state versus Omega Clone state.

If he came back without resubbing his account would be in an Alpha state, which means skills that he can use are limited; this means that he can’t use a t2 ship like a Manticore.

You can take a look at the devblog which has more information here that goes over Alpha clones more in detail including a list of set skills based on the race of the character.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

he have normal account

When was the removal of clones done? Of he didn’t upgrade his clone he could have lost points that way. Which would mean it’s not a big but worked as designed.

  1. Your issue will NOT be resolved on the forums, the only solution is to create support ticket and wait for CCP to respond (which you’ve done).

  2. Skills are weird.

So it is possible to train the skill Electronics Upgrades to 5, train Covert Ops to 1, then lose the skill points from Electronic Upgrades (5 -> 4) and still fly the frigate. Until 2014 it was possible to LOSE skillpoints if you didn’t have an upgraded medical clone and got killed again and again. This would be player’s fault. CCP may not have the logs from 2014 to tell what happened, so they won’t reimburse, because the only possible explanation is player’s fault. It’s very likely that Julian undocked and got killed repeatedly with no medical clone, lost the skill points, quit the game, and now wants to have the skill points reimbursed. But it was his fault, so CCP will not reimburse.

The other possible explanation is a change of prerequisite skills. However, it doesn’t really matter, if someone has the primary skill(s), he can fly the ship anyway.

not sure what is the problem , your friend is using T2 missile and rocket launchers and manticore .
once the account is paid he can use all these things again .
is problem solved now or you need help pulling your head from out your butt … ? :grinning:

he havn’t lose a t3 cruiser or used injector.
he leaved the game in 2014 with all this skill at 5 and comes back in 2017 skill were at 4.

He losed light launcher missile skil at 5 now it’s at4 and he can’t use anymore the light launcher t2.

He can fly manticore yes, but somes skill don’t unlock only the ship, they unlock other skill and module t2.

And he have to up skill at 5 again.

Can he actually undock in the manticore or not?
Still. Most likely option other than misunderstanding alpha state is user error in clones before quitting. Nothing to do with t3’s.

No, you do not understand, up to 2014 you could lose skill points even without a T3 cruiser. Read the link I provided, it’s a CCP DEV Blog.

We used to have to pay 5 million ISK - 120 million ISK to buy “clone insurance” so that we wouldn’t lose our skill points.

Here is the scenario:

  • get podded (die).
  • appear back in “home” station.
  • buy clone insurance.
  • buy new ship, get in new ship, undock.
  • die again.

If he didn’t have clone insurance, if he was in lowsec or 0.0 space in a station WITHOUT medical facilitites, he couldn’t buy clone insurance. Then every time he died he lost 5% of his total skillpoints, out of a skill at random. Per each death.

This was the system in 2014.

You claim that the skill points disappeared from his character sheet due to a bug. CCP thinks you lie and skill points disappeared because of PVP deaths. CCP probably doesn’t have logs from 2014, so they can’t verify. So CCP assumes that your friend died repeatedly and lost the skill points. So they will not reimburse.

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