Missing Skill Points

I keep a journal of my characters and one of them seems to be missing exactly 45,255 skill points. There were no extractors involved. This is from a max Fleet Support character that quit playing when the fleet boosts were modified. Before I go creating a support ticket, was some skill removed from the game? Why is the character missing 45,255 skill points? Also seems to be missing 2.5b isk but I guess we will call that inflation.

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45255 is the exact number of skill points you need to attain level 4 training in a rank 1 skill. Rank 1 (basic) skills (like Navigation, Warp Drive Operation, Afterburner, etc.) require this many skills points:

Level 1: 255
Level 2: 1414
Level 3: 8000
Level 4: 45255
Level 5: 256000

Higher rank skills require multiples of that. Rank 8 battleship skill for example requires 8x that for each level.

The character sheet used to show the skill points required, but CCP switched the graphics of it to the squares, and hid the actual points. You still need to know the points, so you know what each injector worth 500,000 will give you, for example.

In any case, you lost a basic rank 1 skill that was trained to level 4. Not sure which, but that should narrow your search. Such skills, because they are core skills, are often prerequisites to other skills, and the prerequisite requirements would have prevented extraction of just the basic skill. In most cases, not all, of course.

So, not sure how you lost the points, but losing skillpoints due to a bug is extremely rare, to the point where it’s almost unbelievable. We’d hear about it a lot on the forums or reddit if it happened constantly, or even sometimes. People would be burning Jita if their precious skill points disappeared.

Depending on how long ago you were playing, up to 2012 you could actually lose skill points by dying in PVP without a replacement medical clone (which used to cost money in order to “save” all your points between deaths). And then of course they introduced skill extractors too, could lose points that way if your account gets hacked or “played by a friend”.

And unfortunately the logs that far back may not exist anymore. So ultimately we can’t offer anything useful, and it’s up to the ticket to get resolved and provide you with an answer.

EDIT: And to complete the formulas, as Omega when you train a skill you get Primary Attribute + 1/2 Secondary Attribute = points per minute. Where the Primary and Secondary attributes (int, mem, per, wil, cha) are the ones listed in the skill description. So now you can calculate the effect of installing a +3 implant, or re-distributing your attributes around.

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There were 4 skills removed fairly recently when the T3 cruisers were changed. In that particular case the skillpoints got dropped back as unallocated SP


I have a similar issue if anyone else has the same issue, I didn.t recieve an email stating my game time was up in august a year or so ago , and was able to log in and train skills as usual (this was before the free accounts) so for 3 months I logged in and trained my fighters and fighter bombers to 5 on both , I dont log in to play the game I just log in to train skills , I was going for a cap mother ship , I did log in 3 months later at which time I was informed the account needed time added , so I added a sub and bought 103$ in plex as usual to sell , about 6 months down the road I noticed I was missing a lot of SP so i placed a ticket in , which was replied to by the gms and I was able to link the skill training , so they reinbursed me ( this was before injectors ect were added ) recently I logged in and found that I was again missing skill points , since '08 I have missed about 3-6 months of subscriptions on 12 accounts - this is my main account the others i stopped training after reaching what I wanted to do on them. Anyway I placed a ticket in again ,and they were baffled and didnt know what had happened- these tickets last around 3-6 months of problem solving btw . I posted a video on youtube about the issue and got a few replies stating that there for awhile you could “Ghost Train” meaning log in with out a sub and train skill - after the free people entered the system reset those accounts that trained " in ghost mode" - I replied back to the ticket and the gm confirmed that that was more then likely what had happened. I was also informed that posting replies from gms is forbiden and hadnt realised i posted a reply on here which i deleted- my skill history was also deleted during the debocle so I have no record now of what was trained at what time- but I am now missing skill points in stuff I didnt train during the time of “ghosting” mauraders 5 command ships 5 and a few other smaller skills- I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I recently fired back up my sub to try to get my fighters back up to par . and it takes to long for the gms ect to get back to you with a relevant answer - Ive found most of the info from players , so im giving this a shot 1st thanks

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