Skill Points Stuck - need help

Hi Everyone. I Need help of a competent game master, because tickets I’ve been submitting past 2 days are simply getting ignored or I’m getting absolutely idiotic answers.

English is not my first language (or second for that matter) but I’m pretty sure I can describe the issue and how support handled it this far.

I’m relatively new to this game so this may well be a known issue but it’s new to me and I can’t find way to solve it.

You know the character selection screen right? It shows the portrait, skill I’m currently training, the amount of skill points, the amount of ISK the character has and unread mails. The amount of skill points 5.407.020 is stuck while training non-stop. It’s been like that for a week or maybe more. This is my Omega alt account.

However, once I log in and open “Character Sheet” the amount of skill points (Under “Skills” tab) is progressing as it should and showing adequate numbers which is 5,556,488 skill points (by the time I’m typing this) and counting. Which means I have more than 5.5m points and I’m supposed to be able to use skill extractor right? Well I can’t use it. When I click use the extractor it says “Not Enough Skill Points, You must have over 5 500 000 skill points in order to use skill extractor.

The key factor here is that skill point count in my character selection is STUCK for days.

Exactly the same thing happened about a month ago and I had to actually inject the skill points and then extract it. Because I didn’t want to continue Omega. Then it happened again, I had more than 5.5m and I wanted to extract, but I couldn’t. I had to buy a pack with some skill points and inject again. So, this has happened twice before.

How does support handle this after I submitted 5-6 tickets explaining everything in details? they decided I had not enough skill points and the “serverside info says my total skill point count is 5.407.020”. I reply that it is an incorrect data because 5.407.020 is STUCK and that’s exactly the issue I’m trying to address but I get no response.

So, please, I really need to solve this. I don’t want to name the game masters (2 of them) who mismanaged the issue, even though they totally deserve it. I just want this issue solved.

I understand frustration. But rage will get you nowhere. Here and especially when dealing with GM’s.

In case of server - client desynchronization. First step would be to delete cache files for client.

What information is on server is always priority. What I can see is that your client is giving you fale information that you are actually training skills but actually you don’t.

I’m guessing here, but I suspect that skill training is not done on client side. So you should try to ask GM if they can rested your skill queue on their end. Just ask calmly and politely. Otherwise they gonna ignore you again. Also if your ticket are handled only by one or two GM’s. Ask for your ticket to be escalated to Senior GM

The only number that matters is the one in your character sheet in the game, not the character selection screen. The latter will only show the SP that are actually assigned to complete levels (so no unallocated points nor the ones allocated/training in unfinished skills). The number in the character sheet is a running total even during training (but afaik not including the unallocated points you see at the bottom of the screen). So that, at least, is part of the explanation for the numbers being (always) different. And it ain’t over until the blue lady says “bong … skill training complete” :laughing:

p.s. sending multiple tickets for the same issue hampers response times. Best to reply via email or via the support page on one and the same ticket.

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already cleared the cache.
I did ask politely, first couple of hundred times but i’m not made of stone and my reaction was not less then adeuqate.

how can I ask anything if they keep ignoring me? that’s where the rage is coming from btw, not because I wasn’t able to solve the issue.

thanks for response.
also, I don’t have any unallocated skill points at this moment.

that’s what I thought too, and currently its 5, 561, 269 and yet I can’t use extractor.

I figured that, which is why im sticking to single ticket and i get ignored all the same.

Assuming that that number is straight from the character sheet (not the character selection window): The only thing I can think of is that in that case at least 61,270 SP belong to an unfinished skill level, dropping below the threshold of 5.5M SP to start extracting. Did you check ? Also, some skills are not extractable at all (the yellow marked ones because these are prerequisites for other skills in your list). See Skill Extractors and Skill Injectors – EVE Online

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your assumption is correct, this number is from in-game character sheet. (and not the characters selection, which is stuck to the number i mentioned above)

im not sure what this means but I could post the screenhot of my character sheet I guess, unless its forbidden for whatever reason.

okay, im not sure what exactly happened but skill extractor is working now. still though, i’d like to get some answers from GMs, what exactly was the issue, to avoid it in the future. Thanks everyone

No need for a screenshot. You only have to go through your list of skills (all sections you ever trained in), look if:

  • there are skills with icons for partial training (square with one half colored instead of fully colored for a completed level)
  • how many sp there are in your currently actively training skill

lol, you can close the ticket now :smiley:

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