Can't train skills?

Currently I am trying to train skills on a character But the skills won’t add to my queue. I can only add 2 skills and they WILL NOT go past lvl 4, nor can I add any skills after.

I have Omega and 2x Multi Pilot License. I’ve tried re-logging and closing out my eve client completely.
I’ve also tried to cancel my skill queue and attempt to re-add.
I’ve tested skill queues on characters on the account and off the account. These characters work fine.

It’s almost as if the toon is stuck in alpha but it has omega.

I submitted a ticket a few hours ago, but no answer yet.

Any ideas?

Cleared game cache?

how do I do that?

Somewhere under general settings I think it is in the client. Have a look and you’ll find it I’m sure.

Didn’t fix it :frowning:

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