Injected skill loss upon capsule loss

every time your capsule dies, there is a chance you lose one level or a percentage of any of the skills you have injected. natural trained skills are safe.
example: you inject spaceship command level 1 through 5. you die and you randomly lose spaceship command level 3. you still have the others but you cannot fly anything unless you train or re-inject that skill

making injectors volatile like this will push people towards spending the time to actually train the skills, it rewards natural training and lore-wise it makes sense because those skills are not actually yours; you just took them from someone else’s brain

also you don’t need to be that dramatic with the randomness of this loss. once every 10 deaths for example. a compromise

This seems unlikely for 2 reasons.

First, the development effort. This is not a trivial change and there are lots of higher priority demands on limited development resources.

Second, CCP would be cutting their own throat. Skill extractors provide a substantial revenue stream and skill injectors a significant SP sink. I doubt that I’m the only player who has extracted a skill I was sure I’d never need again only to retrain it a year later!

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The biggest issue here is that, as far as I know, there is no way to differentiate between skill points that were injected, skill points that were earned as part of an in-game event, or skill points that were issued as a GM refund. You’d have to create some method to specifically track skill points that were injected vs other skill points that were just awarded, plus, without any data on existing transactions, all injected skill points prior to this change would get grandfathered in.

-1. Not well thought out from an implementation stand point, not to mention the fact that CCP has actively moved away from skill point loss (aside from T3s) in the past, so there’s no reason to suspect that they’re interested in reversing course.


Didn’t we have something like this before and everyone hated it (clone grades) right?


This “feature” was removed by CCP long ago…as it lead to less PvP.

After it was removed more PvP occurred and more Pod killing was possible.


None of us liked clone insurance back when it existed…and no one is going to like it now. No thanks. Losing skills that you have trained (no matter the method), is not a fun thing for anyone.


We did, and it was pointless. 99.999999% of the time it just made PvP losses a bit more expensive and was barely relevant, and then the 0.0000001% of the time that you somehow forgot to upgrade your clone really sucked. And it created weird situations where your PvP character would have an incentive to stop training skills to keep clone costs down. The intended “decide how much you’re willing to pay and what risk level you’re willing to take” mechanic never happened, so why keep a failed feature around once it is purely an inconvenience?


For already reasons stated.



OP, you can already do this by flying T3Cs.
Leave your bad ideas out of the game, k thnx.


No, those of us went thru massive SP loss when “forgetting” to update clones.

No one and I mean no one is going to go for this if they have been playing more than 5 years


Yea let’s bring back learning skills while we are at it.


Oh god please don’t

I lived through those days (2006 “Born On” date) so believe me, I get it.

But this suggestion is so bad that even without that nightmare of a system (which I did mention in passing), that I didn’t even feel the need to bring it up.

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alright alright. bad idea


i lol’d

Many skills require prerequisite skills to be trained before starting to train them.
So if you randomly loose one skill level, many other skills could suddenly become unaivalable
Many people currently don’t fight because they are afraid of loosing 1) their ship and/or 2) their ego due to zkillboard. I am pretty sure that some of them would fight even less frequently if there was some risk to loose some skill levels

Everyone thinks their idea is good when they come up with it. Glad to see you’re not one of the many to keep pressing it even in the face of overwhelming reasons why it’s not.

Good hunting. o7

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