Skill changes

I have been away for awhile.

Can someone point me to the article where they talked about changes to skills and mining? It appears I have lost a lot of skills.

Before updates I had yeld 192m3 per drone on my porpoise and now it’s only 127.03 m3. Huge drop. When I had checked release notes but I can’t understand what change to lower mining yeld

The bonus has mostly been transferred to the new module like the Orca before that

CCP Masterplan — The Porpoise hull is losing its role bonus to mining drone ore yield, and its Industrial Command Ship bonus to drone ice-mining cycle time is being halved from 10% per level to 5% per level. Instead, bonuses will be coming from the Medium Industrial Core itself

That will probably been because of the consolidation of refining skills in an earlier update you should have been refunded some SP , thats if you are talking about what i think you are .

Would you happen to have a link talking about those changes?

Theres a news article talks about it . Though a lot of the plans have changed before they were implemented i think the skill changes for refining still went through as described in a news article called 'from extraction to production ’ on the eve online website ( cant seem to copy a direct link sorry )

Thank you for the help. I’ll start looking for that article.

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