New Processing Skills Issue

I’m not sure if anyone else thinks this is crap… but, I have an Alt that trained for processing on all of the Triglavian ores. The update went through and I was reimbursed my skill points as promised BUT I have to buy another skillbook? Why should I have to buy another skillbook? I already bought the skillbooks for each type of ore over the last year. I filed a help ticket, but they are not seeming to understand what I’m complaining about… Has anyone else had this issue?

Yes, I have exactly the same issue.

It breaks the long standing protocol of “if you could use it before the patch, you can use it after the patch”

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I received this response and have requested to speak to his manager…waiting on that now. This is ridiculous. This looks suspiciously like a “built-in ISK sink.”

"CCP Games may find it necessary on occasion to make changes to or reset certain parameters of the persistent game world mechanics, interface or features of EVE Online in order to maintain game balance and enhance playability or performance for its subscribers. These changes may affect or cause setbacks for the characters you’ve created.

No further adjustment or reimbursement can be offered for the removed skills. I’m really sorry that I cannot provide more direct assistance in this case."

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So… before the update I was skilled in processing for all of the Triglavian ore types. After the update I have to pay out of pocket 90 million Isk for a skillbook in the local market… or fly into Pochven to get one for 30 million where everyone is Red and risk losing the purchase on the way out… When they reimbursed skill points, which they did not mess up, they gave me 4,612,500 isk. Why should I have to pay out of pocket 25 million to 85,387,500 isk to keep being able to do what I did before the update?

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*sarcastic reply - “Just buy and sell Plex to compensate yourself the loss!”

I feel for you folks screwed by this change. I argued against changing the skills to simpler condensed forms, but alas, that ship has sailed. In time, I can see CCP condensing other skill groups - probably to make it easier for their mobile gaming market. Both Battlecruisers and Destroyers were once one skill fit all four races until they were split. But I can see them reducing the skills into different patterns; and to take a page from web based market pages: Advanced, Faction, Precursor, and Standard (ship type here) as the new format.

Remember, the old CCP would have compensated players for drastic changes of this nature. This new CCP is pushing the micro transaction angle for their new owners.


the new abyssal book is available the same ways as the original three.

you buy it from the LP store.

problem is we weren’t reimbursed the nav log books, isk or sp for these three books. many have confirmed this

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CCP and Real Life money love each other. I got screwed as well.

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