Skill Queue Issue - Reimbursement Complete!

We are happy to announce that reimbursement has been completed for all those who lost skillpoints due to the inadvertent pausing of skill queues that occurred on June 9th.

Skillpoints have been reimbursed at the standard rate of 40 skillpoints for every minute that affected players had their skill queues paused by the script that was ran on June 8th.

If for any reason you were affected by this issue and have not been reimbursed by the deployment today, please feel free to contact our customer support team by filing a support ticket via the Help Center, and our friendly Game Masters will be more than happy to assist.

Please feel free to discuss in this thread.

UPDATE - 26/06/2017:

  • We’re aware that a large proportion of the reimbursements didn’t take place today as planned, and are looking to complete these over the course of the next 48 hours or so.**

  • Apologies for the delay in getting the skillpoints back to you guys, we hope to have this resolved very soon.

UPDATE - 29/06/2017:

All reimbursements of missing skillpoints have now been completed. Please be aware of the following reimbursement criteria:

  • Skillpoints have only been reimbursed for the time that skill queues were paused. If your skill queue was only paused for two minutes, then you will have only received an 80 skillpoint reimbursement. This is not a blanket SP reimbursement of a standard amount, it is tailored to the number of skillpoints lost on a USER level.

  • Gaps in training for all characters on an account were taken into consideration for this reimbursement, which means if you lost two minutes training on one character, and one minute training on another, you will have been reimbursed three minutes worth of skill training, which equates to 120 skillpoints.

  • Because of the nature of the issue, if you had MCT activated, then all of the skillpoints reimbursed will have been reimbursed to the character on the account which has the most skillpoints, regardless of which training queue they were lost from.

  • Our Customer Support Team are currently working through the tickets that are in our system related to this right now, and we’ll get to everyone who has a ticket filed with us as soon as possible.


Thanks. How does 40 SP /min compare to the 32/27 attribute rate?

We don’t draw any comparisons - any reimbursement is given at one standard rate, regardless of character attributes.


2700sp/hr is the max and would be 45sp/min. 40sp/min is a bit under and would be 2400sp/hr

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got nothing. ty ))

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I got nothing either.

My three accounts had their skill queue paused and I restarted them several times (becasue it would pause on log off ?) Still have not received a single SP today.

I will make a ticket

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I think i got something :roll_eyes:

Not going to fill out support tickets for all my accounts for such a small amount of SP, but despite all my accounts being stopped a couple of times only 1 got SP reimbursement. Scriptfu need work :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

CCP missed multiple of my accounts. How should this be documented into the tickets? Which category?

gameplay support, reimbursement, skill training etc.

Just did that and while I am not going to be fussed over the skill points either way; I did ask if restarting the queue would of affected the data pull seeing as May’n was training Legion skills and that was paused for about 12 hours I believe going by the time I had on Evanova and what was in game.

same, got nothing

[quote=“Kryptik_Kai, post:8, topic:7062, full:true”]Not going to fill out support tickets for all my accounts for such a small amount of SP, but despite all my accounts being stopped a couple of times only 1 got SP reimbursement. Scriptfu need work :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Same here, except not a single one got anything reimbursed. Well done /slowclap

nothing here either for 3 accounts. for the others i can’t determine as i had some odd small amounts of unallocated sp.

  • Announcement on new forums
  • Good reimbursement
  • Avenue to petition

All good things. Nice job CCP. :aura:


Yay, thank you!

Neither of my three accounts had any reimbursement, despite all three of them having their training characters paused, some multiple times.

Scriptfu needs a lot of work indeed :frowning:

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I sadly did not got any skillpoints. I have 6 Accounts + 2 Chars with additional skill queue but no additional skillpoints. All my queues where offline at least 8 hours, until i restarted them by myself.

I could write a ticket, but since i have unanswered open tickets from march iam feeling a little bit alone here.

About same here … 9 Accs 7 of them omega - so they had training running for sure . and nothing … not a single SP reimbursed .
Others who I know got ridiculous amounts reimbursed … despite training paused for only about 3 hours - they speak of 44000 SP reimbursement …your scriptfu needs A LOT OF WORK …

1 Account got skill points 6 didn’t, I guess the same person QA this script as the ghost training script.

I think you need to hire a new coder.