SP to Unallocated Pool if Training Stops

Seeing as we have the ability to have unallocated SP pools, and use them in many different ways currently, I think being able to train SP directly into this pool when no skills are in training would be quite useful.

We saw how many angry people there were when they didn’t get their several thousand SP when training queues stopped, and I’m sure many of those sent in petitions to get it back.

If SP kept training into this pool when no skills were training, the need to petition for lost SP from forgetting to set the skill queue, or thinking you were unsubbed for a time, but still getting charged, would go away.

I haven’t seen anybody in recent times not get their SP back if they petition for these reasons, so we may as well cut out the middleman here and save the support team some time :smiley:

At what rate would you gain SP? Max as if you had a skill perfectly matching your implants/remap?Lowest possible SP gain according to stats/implants? Average of both?

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standard rate is 40sp/min

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No. CCP is looking to encourage people to login more often, not less! Maybe we should go back to a 24 hour skill queue - do nice things for the PCU.


OP, small flaw in your plan here. If SP starts accruing at anything other than the rate at which it was training previously then CCP will still have people petitioning, and if it does keep accruing at the rate it was training previously then you’ve just made Attributes, remaps, and the whole concept of training a specific skill pretty much worthless. Just throw a skill you train at max rate on and then never specifically train anything again, it just all goes into free SP at max rate.


Easy solution, we finally get around to removing attributes as a bad throwback to D&D anyway unsuited to a Space MMO.
However the reason we don’t want training into a pool is because it makes training for the new FOTM too easy, rather than planning ahead what you will learn. Just build up the SP till you actually need to fly that doctrine, then if it changes before you need it you never use any SP training it.
And the planning ahead what you can do when is important for EVE’s idea of consequences.


Or add a relatively worthless skill that has a say… x50 multiplier and make that skill a default “EOQ” skill. That would mean regardless of whatever else you have queued, you’ll have x-5 of this skill queued at the end. You wouldnt “lose” skill points, but you also suffer diminishing returns if you skill extract and inject to rearrange those skill points.

Or you could just not fix what ain’t broke.

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People would use it to train skills they have low attributes for faster.

And it makes the 24 hour queue limit on alphas pointless.

You’re supposed to be logging in and creating content. This does the opposite.

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I rule Nevyn makes a polymorph to fedo check:
@discobot roll 1d20

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:game_die: 15

Lucky bugger :slightly_smiling_face:

I lost a lot of training time while subbed when ill about 8 years ago. It would be nice to get something from that.

Any automatic training though should be at minimum rate, though: assume no attribute points or implants.

Or make it 25% of minimum rate. A nice compromise to the “Gotta get them to log in” thing.

Or at the minimum 17/17 point rate. Not only would they be training extremely slowly, but they’d have to lose skill points via extracting if they wanted to reassign those points too (if done via an “auto skill”). Plus you could restrict it to omega as well. No alphas making free skill points, so no unsubbed alt armies.

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17/17 is what I meant by no attribute points. Obviously it can’t literally be no attribute points or you wouldn’t train at all.

I don’t understand why people, who fail to put a sufficient amount of skills into an unlimited skillqueue, should be rewarded for it.


If you forget to load ammo into your guns - you’re going to lose the fight. If you forget to load skills into your queue you should lose the skillpoints.

Skill queue will hold 50 skills - should last several years if you’ve been playing any length of time. There is no excuse for losing SP because of a planned absence.

An emergency absence like a trip to the hospital, I think CCP should consider partial reimbursement but to simply put the points in the unallocated pool - I don’t support that.

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Eve is ONLINE game, not offline. Specially now when you have unlimited skills queue, it’s easy to keep an eye on training.
If you missed something it’s your problem.
If you are going for a vacation, set a long skills queue. Seems you never played when you had to wake up at 6 o’clock morning just to switch your skills.
So appreciate a limitless* skills queue and do not try to make ‘eve-offline’.

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Eve is all about your decisions and actions having long-lasting consequences. If you don’t put more skills into your skillqueue, you don’t get SP.


That’s not what people mean by actions and consequences you muppet.

No one decides to not put skills in their queue, it happens when people have to suddenly go to hospital or back home for a funeral etc.

What’s that expression for when sheeple just mindlessly trot out a tired cliche?