SP to Unallocated Pool if Training Stops

If you cannot remember to refill your skillqueue before it finished, it’s your own fault you lose skillpoints by not training. In this case, it would be your (in)action causing consequences.

If you cannot keep your 50 skill skillqueue full enough to survive a RL-emergency or 2, that is your own inability to think ahead.

I’m currently sitting on a 700+ day skill queue that I update and change based on my needs.

We also don’t need another way to get unallocated SP so players can just insta-train to the FOTM-fleet comp without paying for it.


CCP gave us a long ass skill queue that is already perfect to prevent those. If you are sent away from EVE for longer then the possible skill queue length, I’m sorry for you but I think you have more important things on your mind than fake spaceship skillpoints.


To be fair if you have your queue set up with short skills rather than all V’s it’s probably only a month long, and I can imagine that. But CCP also already have a history of compensating that sort of thing where someone ends up in hospital and they can see that you went from daily logins to suddenly nothing for a month.
So we don’t need a system which breaks other things to cover those very few exceptions.


It’s true that you can petition lost SP this way, but isn’t that just adding GM time that could be better spent?

If you trained at absolute worst rate when without a queue then it seems to me that everyone wins (players and CCP).

As I said, nobody consciously leaves their queue empty.

The thing is it becomes too easy to build up a stock of SP to jump into the new OP FOTM ship/meta. Sure it’s at the ‘worst’ rate, but you get to use it only when the balance changes, instead of having to guess ahead or prepare.
Having that in the game is far worse than using up a little bit of GM time.

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But I’ve got millions of unallocated SP, mainly from learning skills and then training up faxes on a couple of characters before they decided to not have that skill (I literally decided to train some shitty faxes just to get off-map skill points). All my points go in at max rate.

Are you just clapping at my prescience and nodding to Malcanis’ law here?

I think it’s unfair on the newer guys somewhat; however, I also (as an early 2005 character) sort of feel that they get it easy with a queue and no learning skills, so my mind isn’t fully made up.*

Overall, It feels to me that nothing is lost, and something is gained, by defaulting skills to minimum train amounts.

  • I also got quite a few point by old fashioned ghost training

Well yeah, it does suck a little for the new guys, but which sucks more.
Knowing you spent months training those skills to plan ahead and then CCP changed their minds and compensated you.
Or knowing you have 10 years of saved SP to use in the current best Meta.

Think the long game here, the new guy looses even worse in the proposal.

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I’m still unconvinced. I get to have over 5 million unallocated points on two characters, and can fill their queues with years of skill time (at full rate, and I can extract and sell if I want) while newbs could find that 50 skills didn’t last, I dunno, a couple of months?

And they probably don’t really know what to train.

Sure. But that just reinforces the point that you can train exactly what you need and nothing else. Especially on an alt. While the newbie will train so they can experiment.
Meaning you can leverage spare so much easier. All to save a tiny amount of gm time

I don’t know what that means. However, I still feel that a vet can more easily just fill an alt’s queue up for, say, a covert cyno dude, while a newb is pondering whether propulsion jamming is useful.

Then she just puts a few skills in her queue, has a real life situation that takes her away for a while, and loses out.

I can’t see the ‘actions have consequences’ part really. It’s just like the old clone system: a tax for failing to file busywork shite.

CCP already thought of that by making the skills you need early shorter to train.

Erm, yeah. So they don’t add up to as much time, so the newb is more likely to have their queue run out. Thanks for the support :+1:.

A brand new player can get their skillqueue to somewhere around a month. Most new players tend to log in quite regularly, so they can react to it running low faster as well.

Your idea is not needed.

I’m not sure if you’re replying to me or the OP here, but anyway:

Something doesn’t have to be necessary to be useful. There is literally no situation (‘use case’ for you young’uns) where someone sits down and says ‘I think I’ll pause training for an extended period of time’. It only ever happens because of out of game reasons. So why punish it?

I’ve not seen any reasoned argument for why the OP’s idea shouldn’t be implemented. The only thing I can think of is that it might discourage log-ins. But I’m not convinced that’s true either, since you’d train at the lowest possible rate, so there’s still incentive to train normally.

Finally, I bet this would be very easy to implement.

it’s not punishment. the person not updating his queue is not a victim. the reason, why the idea doesn’t need to be implemented, is because it’s nonsense. people will run characters just to accumulate for the sake of accumulation, without needing to pay any attention.

your horrible approach towards this is mind boggling. No one is getting punished, because no one did anything wrong in the eyes of any authority whatsoever. Using the term “punishment” is misleading as ■■■■ and people are not victims, except maybe of themselves!


Why not take this further? hand everyone everything. why should people be punished by working for isk? why not instead have isk dripping into their wallets continuously? why punish miners, by forcing them to mine? let’s hand them minerals every day!

That’s what all this nonsense will eventually escalate to, but short sighted, selfish people with short attention spans can’t project anything into the long term future! this idea is so wacko, i have to question wtf is going on with you guys.

more and more people, who demand and feel entitled, will demand more and more ■■■■, because they’re so ■■■■■■■ full of themselves, they believe they never can do, or would do anything wrong and therefore deserve everything simply because they exist! when you suck at setting up your skillqueue, then you suck. when you have an accident and cant log in for three months, then that’s sad, yes, but you can not and should not ever organize the whole society based on outliers and minorities, especially because it invites people to see everyone as a victims who deserve special treatment! it will end in a clusterduck of epic proportions!

so INSTEAD, people send in a petition and the case is being dealt with! no need to change it for everyone because of a tiny minority of people! Stop that ■■■■ already, it ruins everything!

“punish”… woah.

edit: clusterduck wasn’t being censored.


English is obviously not your first language, so maybe that didn’t translate properly.

How about ‘penalise’? Reread it with that in place.

i had the thought that if you have all your skills trained you could make minor skill extractors and farm them off one account after an amount of time, i’d be cheap, i’d be an isk sink, but not that i think about it doesn’t pertain at all to the current disscussion.

It changes nothing about them being some sort of victim, Cristl. They aren’t being penalised. it’s not penalisation, it’s Life. when you have an accident, and i wish you don’t, but when you have one and your skillqueue runs out, then that’s Life. it doesn’t change that it’s ■■■■, it doesn’t make it any better, it’s a bucket filled with smelly excrements, but it’s Life.

After you’ve eventually reached 100% health again, you have the option to petition for the skillpoints you didn’t gain. they do that, because Life kicked you in your butt! No one is being penalised, or punished, for anything!

And whoever forgets to set his queue simply deserves exactly what he made happen all by himself! This whole idea only promotes that everyone is like those angry manchilds who demand ■■■■, as explained by the OP himself! his idea is about turning the whole system upside down for everyone, because of a few manchilds who got angry about something that has no actual real world effect on them whatsoever! consider this first, it’s actually important!

and instead of CCP making an example out of them by slapping them with a warning for inappropriate behaviour, they just let them keep behaving like that, reinforcing their childishness, inviting even more of these manchilds to behave exactly like that.

sorry. i mean no disrespect towards you. i’ve said my two cents worth of thoughts, touching on something sadly many will not realize as important, and i hope that this idea will never see the light of the day.

have a good one.

You have no clue what a currency sink is and propose ideas for them, just stop. And just no for ghost training and cheat-stix. EvE has problems?


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Really? Nevyn is making a point in the spirit of Malcanis’ Law which states, roughly:

Any change suggested to benefit “new players” will be to overwhelming benefit of older more established players.

We have seen this kind of thing several times. For example, the accelerated training for new players was removed because older players who understood the SP system and ship SP requirements were using it to make alts that were skilled rapidly into very solid pilots for a given ship, whereas the new player was training a little of this and a little of that, not realizing that by staying focused on core skills and getting them done would provide a better “return” for that training time. So, CCP removed it because instead of helping the new players it was giving older more established players a competitive edge when coupled with their knowledge of the game and their better in game resources.

Once you inject “new players” into your suggestion you have pretty much failed. It is not unlike Godwin’s Law.