Training For Unallocated SP

So I don’t know if you have this issue or not but sometimes I just don’t know what to train so I lose SP so My idea Is when you don’t train anything you gain unallocated SP.
but a few things so it’s not getting abused
-It’s half of the speed of normal skill training
-If you don’t log in It’s will get slower
What do you think?

What’s the point of this idea? Everyone but clueless newbies is going to have a decent idea of what skills will be useful and plenty of long Vs to set training for a month if there’s any question. And for newbies the last thing you want them doing is stalling their progression because they don’t know what skills they should be training. The better solution, if there are genuinely enough uncertain people for it to be relevant, is to improve the tutorials and remove the uncertainty.

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Throw something like battlecruisers V at the end of your queue if you don’t know what to train, with all 4 races, that’s about 4 months of spaceship command that will be valuable.

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Train something that will be useful someway somehow sometime.

Battleship V
Core skills.

And when you figure out what you want to train swap skills until you are unsure again.

Rinse repeat.

There’s no reason to simply add unallocated sp when people don’t know what to train. If they are that unsure, they won’t exactly miss the sp.

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Welcome, @Jontan_Archer, to the forums!

I’m against the idea for numerous reasons, but here is one in particular worth considering: Because there are five different attributes (which may have different values based on implants and/or neural remappings) and each skill requires two different attributes, the SP you gain per minute can vary wildly depending on which skill you’re training. IIRC the difference between the theoretical best and worst case scenario is around 2x or so. If you were to train toward unallocated SP, how should your SP be computed? Should it just be the worst-case based on your implants and neural remappings? Or…?

Of course, the attribute/remapping system could see it’s way out the door, but that’s a different discussion for a different thread.

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Oh, and it seems to me like your real issue is with skill planning rather than skill pooling, in which case you might want to examine a skill planner like EVEMon to help you out.

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One problem with this idea is it allows characters to effectively train towards the next flavour of the month ship without even knowing what it is. Train (or inject) the core skills, and current FotM skills, then leave the skill queue empty to accrue SP ready for the next FotM.

Sure, you can just inject the SP, but that comes at a premium. This idea would sidestep that.


I think you have a good reason for wanting this feature, but I just don’t think it is needed. Gaining skillpoints in Eve is the only way we can “level up” like other games where you have to actually play the game to progress.

I don’t see a problem at all with the way it is right now, if you don’t know what to train, put a long training skill in the queue until you can figure out what you want to train.

That way you get the perk of full training time on a skill instead of half training time without one. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the full training time for a skill that I might need later than only have the SP.

Especially that last thing about slowing down if you don’t log in. That screams even more use the skill queue, it’s meant to be there for you not logging in…so much more benefit if you just set a long skill to train.

I think gaining skill points in Eve is easy enough as it is, without getting to earn any for just not knowing what you want to train. The game shouldn’t have to make up for a players indecision.

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If you have issues figuring out what to train, you can always train the magic 14 if not already.

You can train for unallocated SP, it’s called ‘extractors’.

I think getting unallocated SP using the queue should just be an option.

(i.e. alphas would have to keep checking their queues because this would only last say 2 days at a time before stopping, while omegas could keep it going without needing to check their queue.)

This won’t work if your SP exceeds the 500k tier because then you will lose SP whenever you reinject SP you had extracted.

On a related note… an idea worth considering: now that CCP has set the precedent of having dynamically created unique items with individualized attributes via Abyssal modules, perhaps skill injectors could likewise have an “Extracted by” attribute such that it could be reinjected by the person who extracted it without penalty? This “extracted by” attribute could be removed when selling to/buying from market so as to not break the market (ie. not rely on contracts).

So it’s less efficient than training SP at full rate, like OP suggested right? With extractors you would be at 80% rate until 50M SP, which is still much higher than ‘It’s half of the speed of normal skill training’. The only downsides of extractors is that they aren’t cheap.

It’s 30% once you reach the lowest tier. You’re better off training random stuff at that point. Not to mention ISK expense of extractors.

Now all we need is mutaplasmids for cheat stix -.-

Because it’s not like eve is about needing to plan ahead and commit or anything.

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