No skill queued


Idea: give allocable skillpoints to characters who do not have any skill in training

There are people that stopped (well - “paused” would be the relevant sub-group) playing.
There are two kinds of them: those who leave the game with full training queue (is it two years?) - and those whose character stop advancing in a week.

The ‘creators’ keep adding various skills (just to be clear - in my opinion, that’s alright and even desibabe); however, a returning player can find that the character is unuseable - for instance, because fleet doctrines have changed.

So, if someone returns after a year or four, (s)he might think: “I can’t participate for another four months… whatever.” and then uninstall again.

Therefore: how about that the character keeps recieving skillpoints? Based on the worst combination of attributes. Or a fraction of that. Or a set amount. Just something.

Idea: learn how the search function works

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