How often are skill points added up?

Can anyone explain how the game calculates “Total Skill Points”? My character has been showing the same number (5,472,292) for the past 24 hours even though her training has been ongoing. For example, I’ve been training Biology V with +5 implants and notice that it is indeed going down (went from 25 hours left to 1 hour left). But my total skill points aren’t being added up.

I thought maybe it only adds up after server downtime, but that doesn’t make sense it’s been 24 hours.

Any thoughts?


I had this problem - the skill points change when a skill completes or you move the skills around in the queue

Yup. You nailed it. Moved a skill around and saw it instantly update. Thanks!!!

Easiest way to update is to pause the skill queue for a second then restart it.

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