Faction of a second pause are we being robbed Skill Points?

So I am being pedantic over skill points here okay…

Are we all seeing the same thing on the skill queue when free points are being applied?

This clip caught the moment when the game paused the queue on it’s own so it has to be happening on your end also right?

ps. Princess Aiko, Yes I am training level V in Simple Ore Processing as I am a Happy Miner!

My suggestion is to go kill a rat.
The free 10,000 skill points you get today cover your missing “pause” points for the next three years.


I took the opportunity to express the above on the grounds that it does pause on my pc but does it mean also that my pc is lagging? When others don’t see such pause.

Whine some more code. Lackey

Modapts is a skill.

A systemic flaw is a systemic cause.
May as well point it out now before they rip the entirety of the RP roots out of the game.
We navigating into unknown territory without a hint of route back.

Iceacid, you owe 1 billion isk for every stupid post.

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Undocking to go shoot a rat for the free sp requires wrist and arm movement where a single thread covers every account for now and for the future.

Would you like to pay my fine below you too?

To answer the question, I spent the half hour to update the game and sign in on the test server.

When I apply skill points (or, in this case, when I apply a single skill point with a single other skill in the queue), I do not see the word ‘paused’ but the bar does flash for a moment.

Having to pause the skill queue to apply skill points has always been a thing that I can recall, just now it’s done automatically for you instead of having to do it manually. Whether you’re ‘losing’ skill points or not will depend on whether what you’re seeing is a purely visual artefact of a server side process that is slow to render, or a sequence of actions your client still has to take that it takes longer to perform on your system than mine.

Even then, the sequence could be slowed by either computer specs or momentary lag, if it has to communicate the pause, application, and resume actions separately. To know for sure you’d have to clock the expected number of SP you have with no pause, apply SP again, and see if the number you actually get de-synchronizes from the expected total. With such a short pause, this testing method might be difficult to perform with the required precision.

Very good points you shared, will look at the possibility that no skill points are actually lost on account x y z etc.

The title of this thread is rather clickbait and even though how repugnant it might be to some, I find it a useful tactic for seeking a positive outcome such as your extremely informative scenario.

Thank you for the invitation to enjoinder
A nominal fee may be discharged upon proof of injury at my discretion. You have twenty-one days to provide the evidence that the actions of submitting the opening post caused you a measure of harm.

Day light robbery! that’s like 1sp gone. Maybe its SP tax?

Oh this is getting better and could definitely hold some rp potential along with the above innuendo from Snowflake Tem…

I mean it starts like that right, everyone says its only 1 sp but then the AI get wind of it and hide’s secret messages in the cracks, next thing we know its a full blown Rogue Drone invasion.

For all we know you just discovered the start of the ARC.

This could even be the hint of what it is come.

I feel that New Eden’s mainframe shines bright detailed images which are channeled along some wave length into my mind to help with my thoughts while I am connected to my lifesupport capsule.

This clue is the Arc and the beginning of future change to how pilots are trained skill.

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Yea its way to dangerous to continue the way we are now, something needs to change.

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Fanfest 2022 - EVE Keynote thread next okay. Let’s leave this one.

Off topic question but did you get your nick name from working in the sp cryo labs before Aiko raided and took you captive? Explains why you have so much info on this.

Wait I got it all wrong, you assumed a new identity that day, to escape suspicion, the only logical explanation.

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