Has anyone met the total skill points display bug?

I’ve been akf for about 4 months and I got the lost skill points from stuff, there were about 4.5 million points. And my total skill points were about 25 million. I allocated 3 million of the lost points yesterday and it was strange that, my total skill points now are only 26.3 million. Anybody kowns there is just a delay of display or it is just a bug.

afaik unallocated SP is counted in total sp now, and the SP total updates every time you change the skill queue. So my guess is when you applied your SP the SP that was in whatever you were training updated too causing the jump in SP.

So, two things.

Firstly, the amount of unallocated skillpoints is included in your total skillpoints amount.

Secondly, Total Skillpoints will not be updated for skills that are currently in the middle of skilling, until you pause the skill.

i.e., if you have, say, a 1.5 million skillpoint skill that is halfway done, unless you pause your skill queue, it will not be updated.

thanks for tips

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