Did I just accidentally apply all over 1miilion skillpoints to a single skill?


So is it possible to apply 1.1 million skillpoints to a single skill? I somehow lost all my skill points.

If you CANT apply all you points to one skill by mistake - then it might be a bug that lost me the points.

I think I typed the skill numbers for the skill in, got distracted, then cam back, and typed the number in again. Then pressed enter to apply. At least thats what I assumed happened.



There are some skills that are way over 1million SP.

I am busy with one that is 3mill SP.

Actually what I mean is the skill I was applying it to was only need around 100,000 skillpoints - and then my “typo” seems to have used up all my remaining skillpoints.

If your skill can take that many skillpoints, then yes, you can type whatever amount you want to so long as you have enough unallocated skillpoints and the skill has a high skillpoint cieling.

You can always check what you skilled, and whether you applied skillpoints to it, by looking at your history tab.

Heres an alt i have lying around, you can see which skill points i applied to vs which i trained.


It’s possible it may have applied the extra SP you entered to the next skills in your queue.


yea I accidently did that with like 13mil sp… Thought I cleared the queue and was just applying to one skill.

oops, oh well at least now I have all my leadership skills done.


Yes, it seems if you type a number greater than both the skill and your available skill points the numbers change to show your total skill points - if you dont notice or press return too quick…boom, skill points gone. Or applied to a bunch of stuff you had qued.

Its an odd system.

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Sounds like a normal system to me.

If i had 1,492,001 skillpoints, and i typed in 1,492,002 by mistake, i would expect all of my skillpoints to go to that skill, because i typed the entire amount, plus an extra skillpoint more.

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