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Yesterday I was in space doing my thing, conversing with my sister about the game, about ship strengths, modules, signatures radius, skills… Then we started talking about how old the game is and was telling her how some players have been on the game for 20 years and a question popped in my mind:

What is the highest skill level in the game, how much skill points could a player have if he’s been playing non-stop for 20 years?
Is there a limit to the skill points or could it eventually go as high as in the hundreds of millions?

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There are a limited number of skills available to train, so clearly there is a limited number of SP - whatever it takes to get all skills to 5. I’m not sure what that limit is, but if you calculate it, I’ll bet you will find that it’s a bit more than just thousands.

I realize I made a mistake in my OP. It’s not thousands I needed to write, it’s more like Hundreds of Millions.
Rectification in the O.P.

1M sp per month is realistic (though more can be gained - 1.5M?). This makes it 240M sp over 20 years. A lot, but not enough to skill everything yo L5. Of course, this skips over the fact that we sometimes get free sp now and then, and cerebral boosters, and skill injectors.

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I understand, but even the free SP have to be applied to something to train.
So, somewhere between 250 and 300 million sp would be the maximum until there is no more item to train into.

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Only 3462 large skills injectors? Don’t they give only 150K after you cross 80M sp?

Since 3,462x150,000 already is 519,300,000, the difference to 566,016,00 could be from them giving more when you have less SP. So I assume that value is correct.


I suppose I should have run the math before making a fool of myself xD

I too rarely use large skill injectors, hence why it seemed like the required number is small.

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i got 230m SP on my main and i cant see an end ! so this is not even close to the maximum

That’s right, Syzygium set the record straight a few posts ago… I even passed out :grinning:

If you also want to know about who had the most sp…

Originally, before the skill injectors were introduced, a player named Dr Caymus had the highest amount of skillpoints of any player for more than 10 years. Doc was so focused on his training specific remaps to train at max speed of 2700 sp/hr that reportedly the biggest ship he could fly was a frigate for a very, very long time.

He was the first player to hit 100 mil, 200 mil, and 250 mil sp, I believe.

On the day skill injectors was introduced in 2016, some market tycoon created a char and injected all skillbooks and injectors that he could find in under an hour and hit the max possible SP limit at the time.

I’m out of the loop on who has the most traditionally trained sp currently, but I suspect that whoever it is is really close to reach the ceiling.

I hope this info of history helped.


Thank you, sir. That’s very interesting about that player who bought all the skill books and loads of injectors. I don’t understand it though. I mean, it’s a game, What can compel someone to do that is kind of beyond me.

People do things ‘because they can’. There are players in this game that have sheer ungodly amounts of ISK and assets, way beyond whatever new players even imagine as “much”.

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That’s not much of a reason, is it.

Hoarders :grinning: I saw a tv program about hoarders, their house and garage filled to the brim with stuff, stuff and moar stuff. It was sad to watch. It’s really a mental condition.
At the same time though, in EVE, I might understand having trillions of isk and hundreds of ships, for someone who plays a lot every day, takes lots of risks and takes “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” seriously. Especially when some ships cost billions of isk. Although I don’t see the point of having more than three iterations of the same ship, corporation heads notwithstanding.
I’m barely over a billion and feel as rich as Croesus :sweat_smile:

Oh, trust me, having a dozen or more ships fitted and ready to fly at any moment is quite handy. Especially when you engage in frequent PVP - more so if it isn’t 1v1. Losses are normal. Been in a situation of fleet fights on home turf, lose ship - dock, reship, get back to fight. A couple times in row. Why? Because getting back to fight is important in smaller groups.

Trust me on one thing: people that have hundreds of billions or more in isk or assets don’t really care about some losses as long as they are reasonable. Instead, getting back to fight is fun.

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The character in question was Iron Bank. The player was one of the key movers and shakers behind the I Want ISK website and had many, many trillions of ISK at their disposal. Another I Want ISK banker, LennyKravitz1 from memory, funded an entire war, known as the Casino War, that booted Goons out of the northern end of the map. Trillions of ISK paid to a collection of lowsec alliances, mercenary groups and basically anyone who wanted in on the action. All from one guys wallet. The obscene amount of ISK involved, and the fact it couldn’t be interdicted or interfered with from within the game client led ccp to change the EULA to prohibit betting ISK on games of chance via third party websites.

When they were first introduced, injectors cost, iirc, around ISK150m each. Along with injectors, links skills were reworked, leading to a lot of offgrid boosting characters being stripped.

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@darkestkhan_Eriker I understand what you mean, that makes perfect sense. I guess I’m looking at things from a solo perspective right now because I’m not yet good enough to be interesting to a PvP-oriented corporation.

Would that be called RMT too or is it something different?
So now, there must still be trillions of isk left in the game from those third-party gambling websites, mustn’t it ? Or did CCP manage to purge them somehow?

Now they’re around 900M… talk about hyperinflation.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Please don’t forget, you’re talking to a three-month old player. I had to read your last sentence four times before I understood what you were referring to.
Really liked your post, too bad you didn’t go into much details.

Thats a very good thing. Earlier in the game you could get passive boni from just having an Alt with FleetBoost Skills in the same fleet with you, working in the whole solar system you both were on. Even more if that Alt had FleetBoost Modules running. He could sit safe under a POS or within docking range of a station and you would still receive these very powerful boni to your ship all over the system. Good thing they changed that so the Fleetbooster must actually be part of the fight now.

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