What happens at 50million Skill Points?

Allow me to express my concern with reaching and passing this small milestone of 50 Million Skill Points Trained on a Pilot.

Main concern is nothing will change like the daily log in rewards won’t become slighty better ie; Halcyon R-2 Booster upgraded to type 3?

Will an Evemail arrive and welcome my Pilot into the next stage of the training?
What exciting event will happen other than the counter ticking over, can anyone explain?

See I am a Miner (labeled as such) where I would always extract way before reaching this milestone and it is troubling me to find out is there anything good on the other side and beyond.

50 Million Skill Points Almost

No, this was not an attempt to show my chest or my cyborg arm because…
We are the Frostpacker, high expectations are futile. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Nothing happens. I’m north of 200 million and I find myself at the point where I’m looking at my skill list not even knowing what I want to train next, so I end up picking something random just to have a skill in the queue…


Would a suggestion of implementing some sort of trinkets or pod skins?

I am over 200mil SP and I don’t even have cap skills. Just sub cap for PVP.

hmmm… Maybe I will train for the Dread… I do miss flying them.


I trained for carriers and dreads just to play around with them on the test server. On the test server you can actually use capital ships in high sec. I use them to fight the local navy and faction police. It’s quite entertaining…


What happens is at 50 mil SPs @Iceacid_Frostpacker will have to pay 50 billion ISK to @Aiko_Danuja :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Happy 50th😅
I’ll drink to it :smiley:

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I’m sure there is a mining nerf or two in CCP’s tickle trunk of enhancement ideas.

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He is more into forum roleplay anyway so he is at the end game content already, there is nothing CCP can take away from him that would ruin his experience at this point. :wink:


At 50 Million SP your ability to obtain a relationship in life instantly drops to half…

…and from there on through eternity those chances incur a half-life every 100k additional SP.

My main is at 150M SP.

Fedo is now the only possibility left for me…


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Hmmm, 50 mil sp, goes to toilet, gives girth, sits back down at screen, sips soda, grabs chips, stares at screen.


Say, thats a large brown bar covering up your total worth, a brown bar that size must be covering up a lot of digits.

Anyway, when I crossed the 50 mill SP barrier I immediately became bitter and negative about EVE.

You should have seen me at 25M SP, I was a real breath of fresh air. I had hopes and ideas about EVE,

I now have no hope and no ideas.

The thing about eve is you need to make your own fun.

To celebrate your 50th Iceacid, I suggest you purchase the fastest ship that you can fly, fit it so it enters warps at sub 2 seconds if possible, or at least as fast as possible, and then outfit it with fireworks launchers and fly to as many systems as possible, claiming loudly in local that you’ve been out drinking for your birthday, and then ram random people and shoot fireworks at them. Eventually someone will scram you and kill you, but it will be lots of fun until that happens.

That will be more of an adventure than anything CCP could do anyways.

(Edited to add Congrats on 50 million skill points old man!)

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Yeah, gratz on getting 50mil SP’s, hope it was done the old fashioned way, no injectors, just with skill queue training / log-in rewards.

My total Skillpoints = 283,159,549

Just got a few more level 5 Science / Reprocessing skills to train, not many sub-cap skills left to train.

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Nothing. Why would it?

Census suggests that you like to extract.


This week =)

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Im around the 120-130 mil mark.

The only “milestones” there are in regards to the SP, is the diminishing returns of the large skill injectors when used at certain milestones

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Like you had started the day the Skill points started.


Frostpacker donates isk and I have zero control over that.

Thats where ETs sitting at currently. I just train skills on him for sh*ts and giggles he doesnt use most of the skills he has anymore. 50-100 is the sweet spot imo depending on what u want to do with the character.


Congratulations on reaching the big 50 milestone, just wait until you hit 80 then the grind really does start.
Fly Safe/Dangerous fellow Capsuleer. o7.

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