See how many skill points I have left?

So I’ve noticed that you can see a number of skill points on the character selection screen. For me, it says 3.5 million, but I don’t know what that means: does it mean how many you’ve used? how many you have left? how many you have in total?

When I go into the skills menu, I also see there is something saying “unallocated skill points”, but when I train a skill this number is unaffected. What does this number mean?

Also, is there a way to see how many skill points I still have?

I’m rather new to EVE so can someone please tell me?

You currently have 3.5 total skillpoints (unallocated + allocated).

While passively training you get more allocated skillpoints, while from injectors and other rewards you can get unallocated skillpoints.

Those unallocated skillpoints are part of the total, so your total will not change when you apply those skillpoints to a specific skill. Your unallocated skillpoints will only change when you get more of them (as reward or injectors) or when you spend them by applying them to skills.

As you train a skill, you accumulate skillpoints, that’s the 3.5 mil.

The unallocated, that can come from Daily log in rewards or purchasing a skill injector.

I thought unallocated skillpoints already count towards the total, but I could be wrong.

When we had the mining changes, my total dropped until I added them back

I didn’t notice… next time I add or apply unallocated skillpoints I’ll pay attention. :grin:

So It appears i’m wrong. When I injected some of the unallocated, it flashed for a second, what the SP is without unallocated, but the total SP did not change.

but i do know when the mining changes went in effect my total SP was lower or maybe i’m just finally going cray cray…

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Sounds like you don’t know how to use these Skillpoints:
There is a blue “+” button in the skill window bottom right. By pressing that button all the unallocated skill points are invested into your skill queue top down.
Use case: Sometimes you want to learn to fly a ship or use a module quickly, this way you can get level 1+2 instantly.

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