How many skill points per skill


Something is missing after the update, we could see how many skill points a skill need to be fully leveled up and now we only see the total skill points per category.
Why ? It’s on purpose or something else (like forgotten) ?
Can we have that back ?
Or maybe I missed it ?

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It’s definitely not on purpose considering ccp also accidentally left out certificates in the skill window. As for answering your question:

Values for x1-skills
Level 1: 256
Level 2: 1414
Level 3: 8000
Level 4: 45255
Level 5: 256000

Multiply these values by whatever the skills multiplier is to get required sp. An x8-skill for example needs 2 487 400 SP which is just the above summed and multiplied by 8.

They should also probably put back in how long it would take to train a skill (as it stands now, you have to put the skill into the queue to see). Nowadays, I don’t really care all that much (and have a pretty good idea how long skills will take to train), but as a newbro, I most certainly cared if a skill took for days or a month.

I don’t really care about the skill training certificates though. I guess some people used them for guidance. But they also weren’t designed very well. So, I dunno.
No P2W


Right click a skill, and show info and look under the blue + on the right side.
shows the level and SP/ max SP
current level being trained
time to finish training (cumulative with skills ahead of it)

For the next level, if you right click a skill in the catalog, it will tell you how long for the next skill level to train (if put at the front of the Queue
See above for how long it would take to train a skill if it isn’t the first or last in the Queue, right click and showing skill info and looking under blue + will show how long until that skill is trained.
However, if you have more than one level in the skill Queue, its going to be a total for that skill to be trained, so for example:
Motion prediction3 6hr 6 min
torp spec5 7d 16hr
rapid fire3 6h 6m
motion prediction4 1d 11hr

total skills being trained is 9 day 14 hrs.

right clicking and show info on torp spec will say 7d 21 hr to train since it is below Motion Pred 3.
but since motion prediction is 1st and last, if you right click and show info for it, it will show 9d 14 hours.
Rapid fire is 8d 3hours.

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And this is not what you should have to do in a new menu that is supposed to do everything better than the old menu.


We lost something useful, even if it’s hidden in the show info

Thx to @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras I didn’t know that way to see that :slight_smile:

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