Skillpoints & Training

It is great that CCP has introduced the “Season of Skills”. However, I honestly feel the amount of skill points being granted is too modest to make a significant impact for new players. I wouldn’t advocated giving away more skill points as doing so can lead to exploit or have other unintended consequences.

Eve University has published new training skill plans, such as the magic 14. See:

I mapped out a training plan following the training of these skills as listed, and it would still take roughly 80-90 days to train each of these skills to their capacity.

It is understood that training these skills first would be an opportunity cost to training other skills that are useful many of the career paths available to pilots in the Eve universe. What I would like to suggest is a rework of the skill ranks for these skills so that it would cut the training time by at least 1/2. It is my viewpoint that these skills are very much like the learning skills trees of that past, ultimately removed from the game and points refunded. Perhaps it would be better to change all the ranks in the magic 14 to rank 1 skills and then reduce their training time by a portion. Instead of a rank 1 level 5 skill costing 256,000 SP have them cost 200,000 SP. I believe this would cut the training time of the magic 14 to something like 30days.

This would be a more meaningful improvement than receiving a millions skill points in my humble opinion.


Or, instead of mindlessly following a training plan, you could see it as “what do I train if I have no other ideas” instead of “I must train these all to V before I do anything else”.

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If by “to capacity” you mean to 5, you are doing it wrong.

If a skill gives a 5% bonus. You get the 5% for each level even though the levels have radically different training times.

Train EVERYTHING you need to 1, then to 2, the to 3, then to 4 and then go for the fives.

Have you read the article he linked?

The 14 are real core skills you would never not train them unless it was like a PI alt or something.

Omega clone will do that for you.

Or you could actually train effectively and not follow a broad spectrum plan designed to ensure you have a groundwork for everything.

Focus is the key to success. Take pvp for example. You can get started in 45min be competitive after 2 weeks and master an alpha clone at just over a month if you focus on one weapon group. Training isn’t as long as people think it is in eve. Only as long as their ADD makes it.

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