Changing the Training Boost Bundle to once per year instead of once per account

For reference: Training Boost Bundle

I’ve been playing Eve for a very, very long time. As a result, I’ve gained over 144 million skillpoints, a vast majority of which being earned the old-fashioned way. To be honest, I’ve been happy with the new ways to earn SP via rewards and logins. I also approve of selling Skill Injectors, as it allows players to sell excess SP with others, while allowing others to get a quick injection if they need skillpoints in a hurry for an urgent matter.

I’ve had that happen myself in recent days; my wish to get into an Ikitursa, while simultaneously training into Shipboard Compression Technology V. Between those two use cases, I’m looking at about 30 days of training.

Here’s the problem; I’ve already bought this package, so I can’t get it again. Although I can get smaller packs (which I did), eventually you’ll run out of options, leaving you with using Skill Injectors. As you know, as such an old toon, Large Skill Injectors only provide 150,000 SP out of 500,000 injected, making it completely worthless to all but the richest of players.

I understand that the reason they put a limit on it is because if they allowed people to buy as many as they wanted, it would completely break the skill injector economy of Eve Online. Therefore, I offer this compromise: Changing it from once per account, to once per year - much like the once-per-year Omega discount that CCP offers during its anniversary.

This is a simple fix, and I think it’s a fair one for the much older players, without abusing the system. 1,500,000 SP can easily allow me to train into one of those skills, and not much else, so I think it’s fair.

What do you think?

I’m not a big fan of CCP selling skill points directly to players, and I wouldn’t be willing to support expanding it beyond where it currently is.


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