Buy your war supplies here!

With that pack you can avoid farming ISK for long hours in constantly changing, oppresive environment.

Yes, its instant SP. No, its not Omega status or game time. Just enough so you can fit your ship and lose it in next day ganked by EDENCOM or Trigs.

We already gave CCP hell for this, and they didn’t budge.

Some battles just won’t be won.

what’s your point?

Because everyone hide pitchforks on next day and went buying anyway.

Of course.

And it is ok. Welcome to the new age of autosaves and instant skills. If you cannot beat them, join them. I got mine. :slight_smile:

And I understand this is a very slippery slope. Even though you can only buy one. What is stopping CCP from offering a 10mil version :slight_smile: I would even buy that. 100mil, sure why not.

You dont understand it, you experienced it already falling into that hole after slipping that slope yourself.

Ofcourse I do.

Do I care now. Nope not at all.

I did in the past which led me to leave the game back in 2015 after playing it for 8 years. People are delusional if they ever thought that this road is going to change. I came back and while I have my pet peeves and dislikes. I am not going to sit back and be the person that cut of my own nose to spite my face and then not get one if I have the spare cash. You can ignore it on principle, I am going to use it to fly more more ships in eve and make people cry.

I will use every advantage thrown at me and abuse people with it.

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