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Hello dear players and development team. Everyone who makes this game and makes it better. I want the team of developers, economists and people responsible for monitoring the balance of the game, players, economy to read the next sentence, namely, this concerns the items sold and kits for player accounts.
As everyone knows, the Training Boost Bundle is sold for one account only once. This is a great beginner’s kit that helps you get started very well. But look at this set from the other side, why is it sold only once? I believe that this set needs to be sold with a certain periodicity and not to close access to it forever after the first purchase. The frequency can be set after doing some research so that it does not affect the balance and interests of other players who do not want to buy this set. For example, it would be great to provide access to the purchase of this set every 3 months, for example. You give pilots a bonus remap once a year, so why not make it possible to purchase this set … even once a year? This should not seriously worsen the balance of the game (if it worsen it at all), firstly, not everyone will be ready to spend money on it … and those who are ready are unlikely to greatly spoil the balance of the game and get an advantage over other players.


You know you can just buy PLEX, sell it in Jita, and use the Isk to buy Injectors already…

Seems like this isn’t too bad of a deal, I wasn’t aware that you could only buy it once per account. I am definitely shopping it - once I decide where I’m going with the skill queue I might pull the trigger.

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no, plex and skill injector in this case do not solve the problem of pumped characters in any way. after 80 million experience points, this injector is practically useless

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This is exactly why the bundle is a one time deal. The diminishing returns of skill injection is deliberate and it would undermine that mechanic (not to mention the market) if you could just drink from the faucet.


That’s the point.

Both injectors and the skill bundle are designed for helping new players. Neither is intended to create fully skilled characters from scratch. That’s how you get titan spam.

No, no, and hell no.

The training boost bundle is very intentionally single use, as it would otherwise significantly devalue an existing economy around skill point extraction and injection. CCP would be shooting themselves in the foot income-wise to do this - they make a LOT more money off of the PLEX for buying extractors than they do off of this single-use pack.

That’s kind of the entire point.

I’m of the opinion that CCP shouldn’t sell SP directly to players at all. It smacks of P2W and they said that they wouldn’t sell SP directly to players when they released skill injectors.

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