PLEASE UNBLOCK multiple buy for Boost Bundles

NIce deals on Boost Bundles but they can be purchased only ones.
Can this be lifted? perhaps can purchase it once in 6 months?

Should be nice revenue boost to CCP.
I wanna take advantage of your last offer but cant, cos i already bought it before.

If you want you can swipe your credit card to buy plex? Virtually the same thing as the bundles lol.

he is talking about the sp stuff

Thats why you can only buy it once.


totally not the same, injectors give increasingly less SP, and after 50mill it becomes very expensive.
The bundles give pure SP + boosters

I mean the way things are trending the $$$ and credit card can soon just give you straight up SP w/o the limits as you mention.

Give it a few years.

Sorry CCP can’t give you more ways to swipe the credit card. :man_shrugging:

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Same price regardless of SP. They just have diminishing returns. They are most worth it before you have 5 mil sp. Less worth it if you have over 80 mil sp. Anywhere between is your preference on if its worth it. If you are an alpha, using the alpha injectors is most worth it cause 10 injectors =500k sp regardless how much SP you have, and 10 alpha injectors far less expensive than LSI

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Last time there was a sale on like this, if you break the numbers down it ended up being about the same $ per SP on all packs, unless your skill queue was min/max, then it was a little bit better for the ideal case. Just some ended up with more SP and hence more $.

then it is unclear why there is a limit on purchase, if its essentially the same thing.
Does the limit make sense?

Limit 1 per account I guess, but then you could just do a character transfer and buy it on two accounts, so its kinda of not a a limit really.

Yeah…it’s a pity that companies have an urge to make profit…

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Can’t you buy them every time the bundle changes name or has a slightly different content ?

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Fomo. Psychology stuff. If it’s always there, you may go well I can blow that 60 at the bar this week or something. Get it later.

It works even for me joking about it. I saw some angles to so,e sales I said well….lets spend the money since it’s going soon.

Another business angle is get those sales in to fix slumps in accounting data. Even blizzard does this. Wow drops some chum in the water so to speak near end of quarters too lol.

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It’s how I sub my account.

I wait for the juicy deals to come around and instead of just getting SP you get some skins and plex as well and it all builds up over time.

I’m currently subbed until around October by not spending a great deal and have some plex to play with as well as skills finished that would have taken weeks or months longer.

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