How do I buy the new pack

I want to buy the new 1.5m sp pack, but the link on the announcement brings me to a page with only other offers? How do I buy it?

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You can’t. Seems like a classic CCP screw-up.

Per parallel thread, this has been fixed

40 dollars lmao

At least it seems to be crashing the PLEX market. So there’s that.

Adjustments - interesting to see any potential impact on plex/injector/extractor prices - could potentially damage the injector market, resulting in people not buying extractors from CCP … own goal… (of course this is just fantasy, we’ll have to wait, but CCP are pretty bad at understanding consequences of their actions)

Edit: they are a one time purchase, so no lasting impact likely - other than to establish without doubt, CCPs ability to directly meddle with the market… sad really

It’ll be a minor depression in the market due to abundance of supply, but in a month people will be eager for their next ship/alt/whatever and ready to buy more injectors.

To buy the pack you first have to get committed to an officially recognized mental institution. They have special links to CCP purchasing site for qualified buyers!

booster has +8 attribute and 12days(24with biology 5) duration. for >80mio alt it is ok (10 injectors and boost)

To purchase the Training Boost Bundle, you will have to log into your account here:

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