Skill Training

I can already hear the dismissive tones of a lot of people but don’t shoot me down immediately.

Am I the only one that feels the skills in Eve take a little long to train? For the number of skills and skill levels in the game it feels like some take way too long to finish up. For skills like the ones needed to fly capital ships or T2 battleships like the Golem I can understand taking longer to skill into, but I don’t think I should need to wait a month and a half for Caldari Battleship V, it’s a skill for T1 ships. Marauders I-V I can see taking longer to train because they’re for a very specialised class of ship. But for a basic battleship I don’t believe it should take upwards of two months to get level V.

This is just an example as well, in terms of the amount of skills to train, combat stuff is nothing compared to industry skills. To even be able to use Arkonor Mining Crystal I I have to train for over a month so I can train Arkonor Processing III. I do agree that the passive skill training is good for people who don’t have a lot of time to play, however I think there’s a better way to do it.

Something that could be done is to keep the passive skill training but add a feature to make grinding actually do something to make the skill train faster. For example if you’re training for Reprocessing Efficiency V like myself then the more ore you reprocess the faster the skill trains, or if you’re training for Gallente Cruiser V so you can skill into the Ishtar, the more you fly your Thorax or Vexor the faster the skill will train, and I don’t mean sit in it on the undock, I mean actually go out and do stuff like ratting or pvp in it. Make grinding actually have an effect on skill training in the game so players that actually play the game are rewarded for logging in aside from these occasional daily log in bonuses.

“But Charles what about skills like Shield Compensation and Mechanics? How could you grind for those?”

I’m so glad you asked dear reader. The way you would grind for these skills is using the things they improve. For example, Shield Compensation decreases the cap need for shield boosters, so to grind for it just use a shield booster on your ship. To prevent people from just sitting on the undock and cycling it while afk then make sure that it only affects the skill training if it’s actually repairing damage on the ship, which means said ship has to be getting shot at. The same with Mechanics, training it to level V unlocks the large armour repairer II, so using armour repairers will cause that skill to train faster. It’s far from a perfect system but it’s something. Perhaps the comments could suggest ways to improve the system I’ve proposed.


Lvl 5 skills are not mandatory. The only reason I can imagine why you would want to skill up BS V is because you want to fly a T2 battleship (marauder or blops.)

The long time makes you try to specialize especially early on which is good so you cant just do everything at max skill with one character.


it prevents nothing, just moves training player from undock to some mission/deadspace pocket. That is all.

Well having higher level ship skills such as Battleship V don’t only unlock Marauders or Blops, they make you more effective in that class of ship, so your Raven or Megathron is that much better when you undock it. Sure it’s not a requirement but it is handy to have trained.

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That’s nice Ice Queen but this doesn’t tell me how it could be improved, it just tells me how it can be exploited. Of course a botter such as yourself would know a thing or two about exploiting the rules and mechanics.

No. They should get take longer. Twice as long. No skill injectors either. Bring learning skills back.

Skillbook resellers should demand a ritual sacrifice before handing them over, and they should cost at least 10x as much.

I hate the current situation regarding skilling. I hate it, hate it, hate it.


I like the ideas you’ve presented, Charles.

Although, as far as skills taking a lot of time to train are concerned, I’m not in any hurry. I plan to live to a 150y/o.

General rule for training stuff in Eve. Lvl 4 is good enough for nearly everything, unless lvl 5 unlocks another skill. Yes, it makes your T1 BS slightly better, but at the moment “good enough” is a short train and “perfectly skilled” is a long train. That seems like a fine balance to me.


You can “speed up” your training by converting ISK into SP. So the more you play, the more ISK you earn, which in turn means more SP.

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Yes but not all of us can afford to just spend a few billion a day on skill injectors to speed up our skills a little bit. We don’t all bot an ice mining fleet in hisec and make 30bil a month.


I stopped reading here. Caldari battleship V takes about 26 days.


Perhaps our attributes are set up differently, for me it’s a 45 day train

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I like that Idea.
It would make catching up less painful and less a privilege of wallet warriors.
Also one can still only fly one ship at a time so i never got why people complain about injectors.
This Game needs more new players and the time it takes to get even just the fitting skills done discourages that severely.
Also it’s not like people stop playing an mmo just because they finished leveling…


See guys, this man understands and I respect him for that

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After reading nearly everything after wot you said

I completely agree


While that is indeed appealing, it might be the very reason we are unlikely to see a change like this. /bittercynicism

Well the thing is, this could be a change that would bring new life to the game, at least for newer players. And what is the last thing CCP wants? The game to die, because it’s their main source of income right now. If they did something like this it would be of great benefit to them in the long term because it would keep newer players engaged and not feeling like they could never catch up without dropping some serious cash. So while they might not make as much in the short term they’ll make more over time.

I would rather see an increase in starting SP in the general skills for new characters so they can fit a ship with a prop mod, guns and a repair module from the begining. Nothing major really but at least they can fit a ship from the beggining rather then wait an hour to use all those.

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Skill training is not that bad and keep in mind it could be worse. What if CCP decides to bring back clones? If you got podded and your current clone could not support the SP you lost the extra SP.

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