Training time issues we are 2019 now, CCP is back in 2004 still

Training takes way to long in this game, I dont play it because I’m waiting for something to train I play it because I like the concept.
I’m sure at least everyone would agree they dont stick around and play the game “because they waiting for something to train.”

All the elongated training time does is make people frustrated that its takes forever to do what I/they want in the game. Doubling the training time for everyone Omega and Alpha would only partly fix the issue, but it would be a step in the right direction,
This would also encourage new players to stick around when they find out it take em year ++ to fly a battleship to its full potential they just give up and move on to something like X4 foundations, Elite dangerous and others like Star citizen if that comes to pass as well.

And I know the comments that are going to happen you say it only takes 8 days and u can fly it yea but thats all you can sit in it and fly it around the station and get it blown up, you cant fit modules in it, its useless, you need drone skills u need weapon /missile skills you need armour or shield tank skills, scanning, navigation skills engineering skills, the list goes on and on, I’ve been there done that I know how long it takes so 2 yrs+ is a conservative number then on to something new. the next one wont take as long depending on what you pick.

This is addressed to CCP from a player that been in the game about 20 months now, this has been my experience (about 1 yr as Omega) (with 26 mill SP now.) A lot of the time I don’t play I just log in check the training time que and log out again waiting for training. that was all I did as Alpha ever couple of days, So I can understand why 90+% of new players just give-up on this game.

Everyone in game will tell you the reason is, it’s to complex, thats just player’s 'boosting their own ego", I pick it up no issue,(without joining a corp) sure not saying there not a lot to it, but other games have a lot of learning to do as well.
The skill tree system needs a major overhaul CCP. even basic stuff like corporations, you promote encourage this, then lock the number of players allowed behind skill points.

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Skill Injectors decrease your training time. and effective until you reach a certain SP threshold (I cannot recall what that is atm)

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Before skill injectors people accepted the fact that they needed to train, because they didn’t treat the game like an arcade where they can just pop in, do ■■■■, pop out again.

It’s called “progression”, just like you “progress” in other games by grinding for XP. It’s the same thing, except that you do not actually need to waste your lifetime grinding like an addict and could instead just play the game. People accepted that training gives time to explore the game and they didn’t complain, because there was no need to.

Enter 2019 and the amount of instant gratification addicts (like you, OP) have skyrocketed. For you we now have skill injectors, because CCP is well aware that there are people who need their quick fixes and they are absolutely willing to throw away money so they can skip the legwork, because they know that there’s tons of addicts out there who will want to throw away money for this.

They happily sacrificed an important part of the game (a sense of progression) for someone like you. If you don’t want to play what you can, and instead choose to not play because you wrongly believe that you need some sort of minimum amount of SP, then …

The problem isn’t the game.
The problem is you.

Thanks to people like you CCP significantly harmed the game …
… so you better spit out the money, do your time or go away.

And what’s even worse … you can’t even spell “you”.


Oh cry me a river, you should have been here for Learning Skills.


Caring just enough to post that I don’t care.

As a pilot that is closing in on 244m sp and been playing since 05, i love this game for training skills. i can progress in the the game while not playing, ive learned plenty of skills when i was in the field training, or during months without internet here in africa. Eve is not a game like other rpgs where when you level up things stay the same, undocking at 100k sp is no different than undocking at my 243m sp except for the ship i can fly, how i can fly it, and that itll be a bit stronger, bot they all die the same.

stop whiting, htfu as ccp says, and learn the game and quit worrying about how long skills take, you can chose to get into ships that dont take as long, sit back relax and tick away the skills and understand the game, or theres plenty of other games.


Not sure when Training skills were first introduced into the game or if it were present from the very beginning, back in 2003. Back when I started playing the first skills you’d start training were, you guessed it training the “training skills”, for those of you not familiar with them it was skills that increased your attribute points in Intelligence, Perception, Memory, Willpower and Charisma. Leading up to the following action by CCP (see the article)

Other features that have been removed over the course of EVEonline’s developement, Graded Medical Clone: for a long time you would only be able to save a certain amount of SP depending on the grade of your Medical clone, the basic grade only allowed for saving up to a total of 900.000 Skill points, if you didn’t upgrade your clone you’d risk loosing some or a lot of skill points. This system was removed in Dec 2014.

Training skills has always been done in Real Time and changing this would change what the EVEonline game is, but would also cause a huge uproar for all veteran players, who have been playing for a very long time, raising questions where the biggest one would probably be “How would CCP compensate all existing players?”


Its a progression system.

What if someone said “I dont want to have to farm for 10 days straight to get enough gold to buy the item i want for my WoW character, all items should only cost 1 bronze!”

Everyone would tell him hes an idiot.

No. We are telling you the reason for this, is that there is a requirement for all games to have a progression system where it takes a certain amount of time or dedication in order to receive something.

If it was just handed out for free, with very little time/effort, then it wouldnt be worth much.

Next you will be complaining that all the modules cost too much, that they should be purchasable for 100 isk because new players dont have isk. You can always make the argument that anything and everything in the game is inaccessible to new players and that the bar should be lowered. But it shouldnt, because it breaks the balance of the game.



People don’t know when they have it good.

The learning skills basically crippled the ability to progress until trained up; it wasn’t a short skill grind either.

The reimbursement when they went away yielded nice unassigned SP though.


Even worse, SP is pretty much the entire business model of CCP now. With the Skill Injectors, CCP effectively uncoupled the game time and training part of the subscription and it turns out that players put almost all the value on the SP, rather than access to the game, so much that you can play as an Omega for free by just extracting your skills and selling them.

Now, a significant fraction of their revenue comes from selling skill extractors and the PLEX to train skills. If CCP did something crazy like remove skills, they would kill the major part of their business model, which is now selling power to players (PLEX training), and selling at an even steeper price to impatient ones (Skill Extractors).

I think in there is the answer to your issue OP. Use the intended acceleration method to gain that SP faster either by buying your progress with a credit card, or grinding ISK to to give to someone else who will lend you their credit card via PLEX. If that doesn’t appeal to you, and you feel at a disadvantage being restricted to the basic training time, well then your only choice really is to quit. It seems very unlikely CCP is going devalue the major thing they are selling the players anytime soon.

I’d caution that SP aren’t as important as they may feel to you, but depending on how you play the game that would be a lie. For many things they are borderline irrelevant, but for others, he who has the most SP wins, and the gap between the have and the have-nots seems to keep growing. I’d say though, it’s not a race and perhaps you should just try to enjoy the ride of the ‘classic’ Eve experience as you level up through the ships over a year or two.



WTB time machine.


I’m fairly new to this game, but I like how long it takes to train skills. I don’t see why I should be able to play the game for a short time and have a character that is in the same league as a veteran of over 10 years. It just makes sense that the more experienced character would know more skills.

Also, it makes me feel like I’ve really earned the right to fly a more advanced ship, not just earned the price of it. Then when someone blows it up it doesn’t feel like a cheap loss.


Same here. Does it suck to wait? Of course. Does it give me something to look forward to? Completely.


It just seems like all your friends playing are in titans and you are in t1 battleships. Sucks, but you can inject the skills with a lot of isk borrowed from your buddies or get over it and play with what you got.

Before Alphas and Injectors, people simply accepted the long training times as part of the organic nature of the game.

Because it gave them something to look forward to over long periods of time.

It affected them into long term thinking and ambitions with the game, because they suddenly had all the time in the world to figure the game out for themselves at their own pace, what corp and alliance to join, what ships and roles to fly and specialize in, and also to spend the time socializing and making friends …

Those were the glory days.

Now, Eve’s been turned into Arcade mode:

Insert Coins (or CC), play for 20mins, and log off.

(Thanks Seagull …)


… and once you finish something that took a month… suddenly, instead of feeling accomplished you get that same cavernous feeling because now you have to wait out another skill… then another, then another…

Why not tie SP into the actual game.

  • Injector drops in PVE or exploration. 10-15k ea.
  • Every NPC kill = 50-100 SP
  • Every Player kill = 500 SP

Basically SP = XP in certain situations. Nobody’s gonna drop $1,000 to inject skills to get ~up to par and be effective at a minimal level, except on rare occasion. Sorry, I don’t care how much technical skill you have, a 500k SP toon is always an ant under a 75M+ SP boot.

Does it keep you from losing a ship you cannot afford to lose?



That depends on what your goals are. Yes, some games can be beat in a day but eve is not like those. Enjoy working your way up. Everyone is equal no matter how entitled some of us are.


If they didn’t take time or money they’d be worthless.

Doesn’t take any time at all anymore to get a decent ship for running missions and entry level pvp.

Where as you used to start with around 10 000sp (iirc), not 450 000 and there were no injectors.

Were you able to find those dev blogs quickly?
I have a terrible time finding old dev blogs. Hoping you can share some tips.

And here I find myself in agreement on something with you.
Perhaps this is a sign of the apocalypse?

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