The way CCP is punishing long term players over new players

the way things are going with this game and the training que i have been playing eve online for years now and really hate the way you guys are punishing the long term players with the training system i have over 65 million skill points and can not train a blood thing with out paying that is just stupid you give the new bros at least 24hours of training up till 5 mil skill points but i can even use the skill points i have from events or other with out paying for omega i have 3 accounts all with 3 alts and im serously considering cancelling them all and never coming back to the game at least in the being i could at least train one or two skills this not being able to train any and not even getting any skills points now unless i pay is just bad business in my eyes, you guys are punishing your long term player base in a hope that the new bros make up the differance not smart you should be looking at keeping the players that want to be here and have put years into the game not giving every thing to the short term players that are not guaranted to stay litte own stay

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Can someone tell me if there’s a period in there somewhere?



looks like he didn’t pay for one of those either.



I don’t see them pushing any vet out… especially as the system has always been like this. You pay your sub and get to train, you don’t pay your sub and you don’t get to train.

I’m actually thankful that there are new ways to pay for sub, as before it was not so easy, you’d have to buy timecodes from someone on forums if you wanted to pay for sub in isk, now its all streamlined into plex.

And about your other point, yes they actually added things to HELP new players, but doing so didn’t take anything away from vets.

Are you salty that you can’t play your high sp character for free? Yes
Are new bros and ccp at fault? Nope


Buy yourself a cheap fit marauder, 4 B, Get yourself a fully fit astra, 2.5B and settle yourself into an empty C5, you’ll be able to afford all the toons you got

I was hoping for a point because I don’t get it, whatever it is.


TLDR: I want free skill points.

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If you’re complaining that you cannot train your Alpha accounts beyond the Alpha SP limits, is there anything to cancel?

It surely isn’t your Omega subscription.


So, there was this experiment where researchers would give monkeys cucumbers for doing tasks. They liked cucumbers well enough, and happily accepted them as payment… until they put another monkey next to the first, and then started paying them in grapes -which they loved. Suddenly the first monkey would get pissed if you tried to give them a cucumber.

You are like the first monkey. Only you’re getting grapes, and complaining that the second monkey is getting cucumbers for free.

And not for nothing, but I’m glad that CCP is doing things to help get new players hooked. This is a PvP-centric MMO, which means I need you sumbitches playing so that I can continue to enjoy the game.


This is so sad it might not actually be a troll. Then again your name sounds familiar but you never really post.

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This isn’t true now-a-days. I did it myself 3ish months ago. Rage rolling makes it about a break-even investment.

This was probably true when the player count was higher and people had things to do, now a days everyone is bored and afraid to pvp with ships they might lose. Most of the ‘pvp’ in WHs these days is ganking.

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@flint_Ornulf Never give CCP money. CCP is pushing away veterans in favor of gankers and newbies.

If the only way they learn is to hit their wallets, hit their wallets.

If you can’t afford a sub in isk, I’d say don’t play until they fix the game.

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its called a farm hole, you play with your normal group throughout the weekend, while you alt has your farm hole seeded, when there’s a healthy amount of sites 6 - 10 ish which happens weekly you have your seed open up the chain and find your main a way in, rat , then go back home.

I stopped rage rolling our Hubs C5 static a long time ago, I feel like when you want to rat and rage roll your C5 static you never get it but when you let it naturally happen it always ends up connecting to a good rattable C5.

Rage rolling has been at an all time high according to my contacts. I have recently lost several dreads and marauders to it.

One of my friends lost two dreads within 3 hours to it. Even BB is rage-rolling now.

These losses aren’t sustainable

Ahhh I get what you mean. Yeah, Rage rolling C5s for content is a thing, when has it not been? I thought you meant rage rolling to a C5 static to find suitable C5 holes to Krab in.

I feel like it goes through lulls of popularity but never is it NOT a activity that some group is doing at any given second. Your friend got caught by a very active group and a rag tag kitchen sink of corps, almost seems like Bombers bar.

Fox Hollers caught him in a C6, Didn’t know many out there rage rolled C6s, and fox hollers don’t have a C5 or C6 static to rage roll so I have a feeling your friend left the chain open and did no hole control on that one

The Second one is Bombers bar I’m assuming, just because of well bombers and the 10 different non-affiliated corps on the KM. CORRECT ME ON THIS but bombers bar doesn’t rage roll for content? I think they have scouts that dive holes find content then bring the fleet over… so again a case of not getting hole control before ratting?

Are you 100% certain he got rolled into both times? @Arcturen_Sanguis

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It is what he says. He could be embarrassed and slipped up and won’t admit it, but we all rat the same way. He has a C6 I have a C5. Bombers Bar rage rolls too now. Sorry I shouldn’t have abbreviated in my original post (BB)

He rats like I do:
Roll off everything but the static
Crit the static leaving 1 pt on it with your roller on the otherside doorstopping

Only way into the hole is through that connection with the roller on it, see anyone coming you just roll your static and don’t scan the new one.

Just like I’ve been caught up, a new sig appears and the fleet flies through before your siege timer ends.

Ahh rip

Have you not been already warned about this?